Polymerization, brush face payment system source deployment of how to develop building!

by:Fdata     2020-05-26
Code can take the place of cash and credit card payment, pay is based on its convenient experience, as long as consumers to bring mobile phone, mobile phone code can complete the payment, dispense with the inconvenience that many carry cash or card, reduces the risk of loss. But Saul code to pay is the medium of relying too much on the phone, in the mobile phone forget and no electricity, and what to do. Based on this, brush flat face to pay even the need to carry a cell phone, don't even need to pay input password, crush other payment method from the aspects of convenience; At the same time, on security, brush face pay using facial recognition technology, system identification degree is very high, up to the financial level, completely solve the risk of payment code stolen brush. In supermarkets, restaurants and other check-out peak, consumers can use brush face pay self-help pay, no need to checkout queue, greatly enhance the efficiency of the cashier, and enhance the circulating rate of shops. Experience, from product use brush face more sweeping code more further. Now need to solve the problem lies in how to guide consumers to use brush face pay, for most people, sweep code payment habits have taken hold the brush face pay as a kind of new things, consumers are in a wait-and-see stage. Therefore, alipay and WeChat when taken with the promotion of qr code to pay the same routine, consumers face brush pay, can random set reduction, free of charge, a red envelope award relief activities. Support WeChat, alipay, XYK, spend bai four yards. By merchants to guide and encourage consumers to use brush face to pay, and rewarded. Alipay, WeChat next will continue to pay heavily to promote brush face, let more consumers accept brush face, brush face payment habit. Our services: 1 consultation: market trends, 1) Brush face by senior business manager for you on mobile payment market trends, business model; ( 2) Product cloud boring pay system of science and technology advantages and application scenario explanation; 2 official docking, third-party payment, the bank ( 1) Application for qualification to assist you to apply for mainstream WeChat pay, pay treasure to pay channel service qualification; WeChat payment service providers WeChat is an open platform, as long as there's a company can apply for WeChat payment service, without any margin, with the Internet giant directly cooperation; Applying for alipay alipay service providers, with alibaba open cashless era; 3 business docking; ( 1) Analyze the official profit policy and other business processes; 4 privatisation deployment ( 1) Your brand VI branding design, system page customization; ( 2) Independent deployment request cloud server and database, by your independent account system management, payment of secret key independent configuration; The main process includes: domain name to purchase their own domain name, guidance for each certification; For the record into the record system, fill in the information submitted preliminary examination, upload the record data, of audit, the record of success. All the professional customer service guide, apply to all; Privatisation deployment independent cloud server, a separate database, the company's brand, personalized login page, completely belongs to your own brand of mobile payment system; Big data independent deposit data flow cloud, dual backup. Trading data multidimensional real-time analysis, intuitive grasp the customer consumption, adjust market strategy;
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