Power beauty makeup store cashier system broken rebirth, clinch a deal the first live exceeds 150000 yuan!

by:Fdata     2020-05-31
Live to sell goods has always been a hot topic in the past two years, in 2018, a treasure live sales hit 100 billion, 2019 in 150 billion. This amazing digital means, live electrical business spring really come! Affected by the epidemic in 2020, live to sell goods by catalytic again! Many beauty makeup also swiftly moving online, fast days inn star yao edition system + stores live small programs, to help you fall to the ground to liquidate. Let's look at a beauty shop provides transcripts, first live the number 5770, won the praise of 26. 3 w, clinch a deal the day nearly 10 w today take you explore, epidemic, beauty makeup store how to realize the broken rebirth? Fought in the early period of the online store layout using the days since the cashier system: staff from the tedious affairs freed, belongs to a member of the store system is established, the increasing number of membership to tens of thousands of people. Another early online mall, opens the online channels for the development of all new retail model, customer line card, online mall still enjoy the member discount, promotions, better talk with the help of the enterprise marketing. Small program with live collision sparks day micro stores live small program, is a new kind of live broadcast based on WeChat flow entrance, reduces the threshold of live, a small program can be done. 1, fusion WeChat social advantages, rapid promotion studio by WeChat can quickly launch live, live and can share a key link, by inviting customers link into the studio. Mammal anchors can also create the qr code, convenient and promotion. Micro store homepage directly live entrance, the customer can be set up in advance began to remind, WeChat service notification will be sent to air, increase live attendance rate. 2, small program + live mode, the businessman rapidly rose powder compared with live kind of App, the day live store cashier system + small programs, preference for enclosed the private domain of flow operation, rapid transformation of members. Customers can from WeChat ID, circle of friends, WeChat group, public, seamless jump to the air. Non-member customers click buy, automatic affiliate window pops up, don't need to fill in, micro store intelligent access to information, to complete registration. 3, live not interrupt, small program order without interruption to watch and buy direct experience, can complete the transaction within the micro store small program, directly and support around the store while watching live, is committed to helping more merchants to create online business closed loop. Dedicated to helping more merchants to build online operation and closed loop. Days inn provides businesses with a variety of marketing solutions, businesses can increase spell group based on their own needs, pre-sales, seconds kill, affiliate marketing, interactive games, and other functions. 4, live + community marketing, fan operation way in live, invite customer to join its beauty makeup WeChat group, fan operation effectively. Timely communicate with viewers, for new and old customers effectively safeguarded, coupon and preferential activities to attract after purchase! By day store cashier member management, access to relevant data analysis report, can understand user attributes and viewing behavior, excavate potential demand of the customers. To sell goods tuyere line, catch a live! Think fast day version star yao + micro stores live small programs, to help you be born to liquidate.
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