Powerful system functions, easily cope with the store management problems!

by:Fdata     2020-05-17
Open a shop, have you ever think of doing business outlets problem more and more, management more difficult. Where is the problem? Is there any good method to efficiently solve store operations? If small make up to tell you, online shop fast day star yao version cashier system software, can effectively solve the difficulties in a variety of operating retail stores, you will not be more curious? Think fast days inn star yao version of what effective store cashier system solution? Day shop mainly retail, especially for the retail industry entity stores provide personalized solutions, cashier software was not only limited to the common entity stores, convenience stores, supermarkets, maternal and child stores, etc, for example, also applies to cashier management as the scenic spot, a variety of predominantly retail goods stores. In terms of function, basically has the following highlights: 1, zero concurrently, wholesale and retail store is not only two days to shop service revenue management, retail sales in the daily management, support wholesale sales business management at the same time, provide wholesale sales, wholesale customer accounts management, and other functions, can meet the mixed operation model of wholesale + retail store; 2, professional membership marketing management, marketing promotion for store management, to provide customized service, set up exclusive member customized products, star yao background can make the member level management, and has the integral, stored value, can also be set membership products, along with members of the consumer behavior, produce professional sales reports, and can cooperate discount activity, promote consumption, upgrade membership marketing; 3, chain management, distribution, inventory information star yao edition provides chain headquarters to all stores management permissions, help to form a unified management, price management, distribution management etc. , to ensure that the product distribution, inventory to sales information flow; 4, precise management report + financial management products aimed at the certain industries food shelf life is short, the inventory cost control is very important, star yao version moving weighted average method is adopted to improve the cost accounting, the inventory cost of goods price according to the weighted average income class documents automatically each time, more accurate response costs, management reports more accurate; 5, beautiful interface, easy to cashier days inn star yao edition interface aesthetics, graphic combination, tonal and comfortable, suitable for the cashier operation; Cashier to support a variety of payment, think fast pay withdrawal rate is low, withdrawal of low cost, the cashier is convenient, cost is low. Think fast days store cashier system software, a cloud-based solutions designed for small and medium-sized stores r&d, hurry up to your online stores a fully functional and efficient store cashier management system!
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