AI Contactless Infrared Thermometer Temperature Safety Screening

1. Quick measurement, non-contact

2. Accurate temperature detection

3. Fever temperature alarm

4. Alarm temperature definition

5. Clear digital display

6. 10 mainstream languages

7. Celsius and Fahrenheit unit conversation

8. Wall mount or stand installation

9. USB type C fast charge


Fdata T3 Non-contact Forehead/Wrist Temperature Measurement System is easy for use and suitable for office, home, supermarket, restaurant, metro station, bus station, hotel, and any other public places.

The red light flashes when the temperature is abnormal and is simple and clear. non-contact automatic Infrared measurement- you don’t need to hold it in hands and reduces the risk of cross-infection.

It’s powered by a rechargeable lithium battery or USB type C cable and able to install on the wall or stand bracket. It supports to display Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature.

There are 10 mainstream voice languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Italian, Japanese, S.Korean and Russian for most country users.


Screen Digital display
Accuracy ±0.2 degree
Response time 0.5 s
Abnormal automatic alarm Indicator light flash and voice
Measuring distance 0.5cm ~ 10cm
Power supply DC 5V/1A, or Battery (18650 Li-ion)
Charging Type C DC5V/1A
Environment temperature 10 ~ 42℃
Standby Around 2 month
Weight 223g (Excluded battery)
Dimension 155 x 104 x 84mm