Android Touchscreen VoIP Video Telephone for Conference


This is an extreme Android desktop videophone for enterprise users. It features a touchscreen, advanced megapixel camera, and superfast communication for HD videoconferences. This video telephony is the perfect choice for users looking for an integrated video communications solution for their desktop.

Android video communication telephone for enterprice conference. advanced megapixel camera, superfast network connection for HD videoconference.


Model No. F804
CPU Cortex A7  Quad-core 1.2GHz
OS Android 7.1
Memory 1GB
Storage Device 8GB
LCD 8’IPS  1024*768
I/O USB port Micro usb OTG 2.0 *1
Handle interface RJ9*1
Ethernet RJ45*1
Telephone line RJ11*1
Power port 12V power input *1
Type-C port Pluggable CAM*1
Functions Touch function G+G Capacitive screen 5 points touch
CAM Security wide-angle lens 2 million pixel high-definition camera, can be blocked and removed
WiFi WiFi  802.11 b/g/n 2.4G
BT BLE 4.0
recording function support
video call support
Multi-party video conference support
Voice calls support
PSTN flash function support
Virtual Key Support volume down button, back button, home page button, clear button, volume up button functions
Physical power button support
PSTN call\VoIP call main functions Support hands-free, Full duplex communication
Support PSTN telecommunication fixed telephone line
Support 6 SIP lines
Support custom ringtones
Support up to 1000 received/missed calls/dialed calls records
Support DTMF, FSK caller ID
Supports Bluetooth connection with the mobile phone to synchronize the phone address book to the device address book
Support for importing corporate address book files of fixed content format into device address book
Support PCMU,PCMA,G729,G723,GSM,SILK,ISAC, speex,ILBC,AMR,opus etc. speech coding
Support HD 1080P, HD 720P  720*480  352*288 resolution video call or multi-party video conference
Support H.264, H.263, VP8 video encoding
Support SRTP
Support SIP 2.0(RFC 3261), TCP/UDP, SIP port, etc. can be set
DTMF methods support SIP info, INBAND, RTP
SIP support SIP domain
The phone APP application has flexible call control functions: widget dialing, call forwarding, adding calls, changing conference mode, do not disturb, hands-free automatic answering, caller ID, etc.
Support users to use the phone web terminal to manage and operate the phone
Other features Use dual-channel hardware echo cancellation and noise reduction design technology to support high-definition audio calls
The phone is designed based on the Android system and supports seamless adaptation of third-party information software
Supports up to 1080P high-definition video two-way call, industry-leading dynamic video adjustment solution, real-time adjustment of high-definition call status according to network conditions, especially in WIFI connection, there is a unique wireless network HD video call processing mechanism
Working environment Power supply 12V power input
Working environment temperature  -10℃~ 50℃ humidity 10%~ 90%
Language Android comes with multiple languages