Android Rugged Tablets for Patient Healthcare

  • Medical staff to reduce instances of exposure to patients in isolation.
  • Isolated patients to communicate and engage with their loved ones.
  • Allow patients to see the caregiver behind the mask – seeing smiles and expressions of understanding and reassurance provides a more personal, human-centered experience.
  • Help ration PPE by limiting the number of staff members who enter isolated patients’ rooms.
  • Provide on-demand access for patient consultations with pharmacists, dietitians, interpreters, and other multidisciplinary services.
  • Improve end-of-life experience by ensuring the families of patients in critical condition can be quickly contacted and brought to the patient’s bedside virtually in their final moments.
  • Avoid personnel shortages by allowing more providers to participate in care remotely.



  • Streamline workforce and patient health checks upon entering a facility.
  • Accurately collect data, maximize workflow efficiency, and speed up lines at alternative care sites treating high volumes of patients.
  • Seamlessly float from the clinic, to the hospital, or alternative care sites without losing access to critical data and tools.
  • Easily mount the device on a wheeled healthcare cart that can be rolled into an isolated patient’s room for virtual communication use. This frees healthcare workers from having to hold the tablet and provides effortless viewing for patients who may be too weak to hold a tablet.
  • Faster registration and convenient check-in process to alleviate long waits at front desk.
  • Tablets cost less and easier to implement in busy times, especially in smaller waiting rooms and patient floor settings.
  • Rugged tablets are mobile to allow deployment where most urgently needed, not fixed.
  • Reduce costly paperwork and eliminate data entry and transcription errors such as basic patient information and insurance details.
  • Emergency Medical Technicians can send photos, video and information for patient arrival to the hospital.
  • Protect patient data and sensitive information.
  • Minimize downtime and future replacement costs.
  • Investment protection and reduce interruptions with proven rugged tablets, rugged cases, and screen protectors.
  • Avoid damage from accidental drops with a rugged protective case or rugged tablet.