Professional cashier system hard nuclear power chain stores the outbreak

by:Fdata     2020-05-22
In the country during the anti epidemic, almost all formats were forced to choose to stop activities, but there are some forms of government is to allow its normal activity, it is as the entity stores, supermarkets and convenience stores community. After all, for millions people living in cities, life must be guaranteed. But have a problem again, during the outbreak, stop running many forms, some stores fighting in the front, whether the isolated? Can you win the war? In fact, time is the answer. During outbreaks, people to the activities of the public space is less, but did not go out. Due to the popularity of contactless distribution, many people several times in a day has gone downstairs to get food or fresh order, so the city supermarket and community supermarkets such stores do a lot of support, especially for brand chain stores, the efficiency of supply continues to online, in addition to the supply system, is also inseparable from the efficient system of management support. Good neighbor convenience store, general manager of Beijing mold in an interview with 'the tiger sniffing: after the outbreak, specification the chaining operation of retail format stores will obtain more development space. Chinese cities in the past, many of the functions of community service, and is performed by dispersed corner shop. But the disease can make people to health more seriously, so the chaining brand will be more popular. Especially in the very period, countries have realized that only these chaining large-scale supermarkets, convenience stores, the intensive enterprise, only has the ability to quickly mobilize resources, using its ability of supply chain security supplies, and bear social responsibility of the spirit and ability, this is a shop can't do something. Despite the popularity, the chain stores are usually has a complete and mature supply and management system, special period, when with other formats stores cannot do business normally, chain stores can in a very short period of time to make corresponding measures to deal with such emergency, ensure operation can proceed. Chain stores can be mature cashier system, all suppliers to view the screen, will be able to support the goods suppliers refinement process management, from procurement to warehousing, order all accurate tracking; Powerful enters sells saves the cashier system can accurately grasp each link; Producing all kinds of business data in a timely manner for the operator to check the analysis, in order to ensure timely grasp stores operating; When some stores lack of supplies, stores can be finished through the cashier system supplies to allocate, accurate management; And of course the constructions of the stores regulation, as well as the headquarters for each store, can be done by hope.
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