Qr code automatically scan module 丨 intelligent terminal industry innovation development foundation

by:Fdata     2020-06-07
Review the development of the automatic scanning barcode scanning module, from the traditional vending machines to function variable, brush support qr code payment kiosks; From the first channel gate to scan the qr code in intelligent gate; Coin-operated bus development from the beginning to the brush qr code to pay the bus, this all qr code against Saul module development of innovative applications. Thus, traditional self-service equipment and automatic identification technology of closer integration of innovative products is the necessity of developing era. Behind this development trend, it is easy to find, qr code identification technology makes pain points of user demand has been solved, and the people behind the operation is convenient, flexible terminal, qr code automatically scan module intelligent terminal will be the industry innovation development, the basis of it will gradually become more practical and convenient. By definition, qr code embedded module is the core of the widely used in the automatic identification field to identify components, is also the barcode scanning gun, PDA products are one of the key parts of the secondary development of. It has a complete independent barcode scanning and the decoding function, can write to various industry applications function program, according to the demand due to the small size, high integration, can be easily embedded data acquisition equipment, POS terminals, handheld devices, kiosks, traditional access control terminals, intelligent brake machine, bus mobile code equipment in all walks of life. But look from the functionality, qr code module can quickly identify the barcode, effective qr code, usually adopt the automatic induction mode, support USB ( 藏, KBW,藏 POS) Interface, RS232 serial port output, etc. , meet the demand of more interface, making it compatible with a variety of software systems, easier for secondary development. Shenzhen vision ( RAKINDA) Brand LV4500 qr code scanning module, for example. If built-in integration to self-service devices, it can fully mix qr code automatic identification and data collection and transmission performance, ACTS as a role of qr code scanning device, and high speed reading the paper and one dimensional, qr code on the phone's screen, which meet the demand of the function of the brush end user code to pay, consumers just in qr code scanning mouth show phone pay treasure, WeChat payment code can enjoy convenient payment security requirements. In a nutshell, mentioned the benefits of qr code modules, when we understand it, we will find it is based on the user experience. Shenzhen vision ( RAKINDA) Professional production, research and development and sales of various brands and models of the scanning module, barcode scanning module, barcode read engine, embedded recognizer, qr code scanning module, two-dimensional scanning qr code scanning head, the new module, qr code identification module and qr code scanner, the scan module/scan module of this area has become the industry leader! In the past 20 years, the prospect of ( RAKINDA) Always leading the bar code automatic identification industry and development direction in the field of qr code embedded module, and with remarkable barcode recognition performance and high cost performance, constantly win acclaim from the customers in the international market. Vision of science and technology, meanwhile, has also been strengthening in the qr code scanning module product solutions, the company become a preference of many oems and end users. About the detailed product information, please contact shenzhen vision technology for more information.
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