Qr code scanner, receiving fusion 'sweep code payment' multi-channel payment

by:Fdata     2020-05-01
In recent years, self-service and code of payment is by paying qr code scanner to scan window read mobile payment treasure, WeChat payment code means to achieve payment has been accepted by more and more businesses. Similar to the dealer's excess silver with scanning gun is to achieve through the qr code decoding hardware equipment, the only difference is that it is self-service, customer self-service of the mobile payment above qr code in a qr code scanner. It solves the central bank to static qr code 500 yuan daily quota restrictions, which is why a lot of self-help equipment manufacturers have recently upgraded the qr code scanner Mosaic to self-service machine internal to fusion and yards pay pay for a variety of ways. So qr code scanner types receiving so much, which is more suitable for scanning screen pay code? Xing tong content couplet according to application scenario can look at the solution you choose difficult disease! 1, pay XT2002B qr code scanner XT2002B qr code scanning platform is mainly used in retail, restaurant, hotel, school, gas station cashier and lightning make out an invoice, such as application scenario, it adopts advanced intelligent image algorithm, chip design and manufacturing technology perfect fusion, carrying the international mainstream qr code to read the engine, can quickly read the lowest brightness and all kinds of large amount of data screen barcode sticker. 2, XT205XM qr code scanner XT205XM qr code scanner to anchorman machine is mainly used in self-service equipment, such as transformation of embedded qr code to read equipment, set in the machine interior to fully mix the barcode identification, data collection and transmission performance as opposed to a mobile payment system, so as to expand alipay, WeChat code payment functions. It the appearance of the size is 71 * 61 * 50 mm ( Length * width * height) , only 280 g type, and its lightweight, very accord with embedded barcode read engine equipment application, special optimization and yards, Angle and lighting effect, to make it easy to read different contrast, color, and reflected the degree of mobile phone screen pay bar code. Currently XT205XM embedded qr code scanner has become a self-service terminals, entrance guard gate, smart devices.
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