Qr code scanning module in the application of toll roads, convenient and quick!

by:Fdata     2020-08-10
Believe that everyone knows the application of qr code is under the subsidy of ali and tencent popularity, so in the era of Internet + mobile payment, how to use it to solve queuing long pain points of the expressway toll collection? At that time, came to qr code scanning module integrated application of the expressway toll collection equipment. Vision to understand, many provinces and cities in our country highway toll start or will pay a toll for mobile phones, with the high speed charge channel has access to the mobile payment system, the owners just open alipay or WeChat qr code can complete the payment of payment, more advanced is the use of license plate recognition system, implement without parking card mode, accelerate the speed of inbound and outbound, using qr code scanning module read, eliminating the toll collector change work, reduce vehicle queue waiting time and greatly improve the traffic efficiency, for high-speed entrance day time to alleviate congestion has certain action, at the same time bring convenient to owners of experience. As the toll roads in China in recent years mainly presents two kinds of new ways, one is a no parking fee, also become the ETC, another is the parking fee, can be cash or credit card. Not parking charge is relatively convenient, traffic efficiency is higher, mobile phone is to pay a toll for parking charge a supplement and perfect way. It can meet the needs of social development of science and technology, after all, don't always run high-speed, certificate ETC or with small change does not convenient. Reported using qr code scanning module embedded in the code in the device, only leaving the window of the code can be embedded into the internal, it realized the function of the code. As sweep code equipment application, and in some industrial park, park, scenic spot and so on will be applied to sweep the yard to pay parking fees scenario, it also promote the diversified development of qr code scanning module.
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