Qr code scanning module together to build green homes with garbage classification

by:Fdata     2020-05-07
Qr code scanning module together to build green homes with garbage sorting heard that shenzhen garbage classification to cough up ~ on November 1, shenzhen will formally introduce garbage classification, in order to encourage everyone to garbage classification will reward money, today, environmental damage more serious, it is very urgent to us to protect our environment. Living garbage classification is a matter involving families, too difficult for knowledge meaning, its work is one of the difficulties in personal need to change the bad habit of littering, do the front-end realizing classification, leave the policies and regulations of the constraints, and guide, garbage classification, need our joint efforts, together to build our green home. With the rapid rise of electronic payment, the garbage classification is also smart to get up, at present, the embedded intelligent classification dustbin is a qr code scanning module, implementation code classification, sweep rubbish can be put to the corresponding code box, the process is not complicated. Garbage sorting steps faster and faster, finally will spread throughout the country, in order to make smart garbage classification and code accurately fast to proceed smoothly, a good bar code scanning head it is critical, xing tong lian as iot professional barcode scanning equipment manufacturers, to launch a more suitable for intelligent garbage sorting XT205XM qr code scanning module, it easily embedded in a variety of complex environment, flexible and convenient assembly, easy to personalized Settings, but also to carry on the secondary development, scanning performance more off, even in the case of the screen very dark can still read fast and upload data. Shenzhen xing tong have embedded scanning module and intelligent equipment research and development of deep background and rich experience in the industry, research and development of self-help mobile payments intelligent equipment, intelligent community core equipment, etc. Series of products have been successfully applied to all walks of life, including intelligent public transportation, logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, intelligent community, intelligent medical, no supermarkets, etc. , to obtain the market's consistent high praise! Including, Channel gate/intelligent entrance guard/intelligent handheld barcode machine/bus/kiosks and other smart devices) To provide high quality solutions!
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