Real-time system 丨 commodity chain management function, efficient management of stores!

by:Fdata     2020-07-30
Chain supermarket cashier software commonly used in large shopping supermarket or leading convenience store, compared with the constructions, chain stores need more distribution, such as membership marketing management operation requirements. So what's the function chain supermarket cashier system? System has to store surplus is easy to manage all the store of goods, timely replenishment of significant role, and cashier software real-time generate real-time inventory data on B/S architecture, headquarters in each branch can help query inventory and sales data, etc. , accepted by more and more businesses. ( Chain management software) What function can real-time system commodity chain management? 1, enters sells saves the management of procurement, inventory, sales data report form support, convenience stores from wholesale to inventory to sales, all the data is clear. Boss assistant can also see all kinds of data reports, lying in the house can clear shops operating condition. 2, the member marketing background have special member management module, convenience stores, members can top-up, integral, still installed in the commodities sector member discount goods, traffic has soared. 3, O2O micro micro O2O shopping mall, the members, customer registration, purchase, distribution process is fluent, one kilometer community supermarket idea easily. Customers through WeChat can easily order, online integration, data real-time synchronization. More than four, chain store management just a background, can easily implement branch deployment, many stores management easier. Stores data in the headquarters of the background and the android retail easily view the mobile version. Choose to store surplus cashier system, its cash at the cashier end, WeChat prepaid payment, pay treasure to pay, pay, time card, membership card payments, integral payment. In addition to the cashier, and then have to tell me something about the cashier management system commonly used function of goods. Commodity management is mainly to manage goods files, simply say is each item according to its brand, category, such as numbered record, so as to realize to the management of the system of the goods.
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