Recovery, after the outbreak of food industry by contactless self-help order how fast recovery?

by:Fdata     2020-07-19
Gradually improved as domestic outbreak, many restaurants are open for business. But we still cannot treat STH lightly, in McDonald's, burger king, these outlets, for example, into the shop customers pass infrared measuring temperature to enter. Even if the temperature is normal, into the shop, customers usually take self-help order and no exposure to take food, such as the use of mobile phones ordered and self-help order machine, without contact with the shop assistant can realize non-contact order, payment and take meal, reduce the risk of infection on personnel contact. In the outbreak, the intelligent hardware function, reduce the staff contact. Introduced the buffet meals cabinet, such as xi tea after phone order directly in the self-help meal on sweeping code open cupboard door, can take out the corresponding drinks. In some restaurants also installed self-help order machine, customers can directly click on the dishes on the self-help order, after confirmation of order can be sweeping brush yards to pay or face, all don't need to communicate with the cashier. Food industry has been hit in the outbreak, using self-service restaurant order machine can help maintain normal order of cashier and place the order, also can reduce the human cost of epidemic period. According to statistics, the introduction of the function of self-help order restaurant, labor costs by a quarter. 21 TPS700 sky-wave self-help order machine. 5 inch touch screen, support NFC payments, sweep the yard pays, brush a face, face recognition, thermal print receipts, thermal print receipts, and other functions, can support is no contact self-help receiving payment order and the restaurant. Order of burger king stores self-service machine can even support voice order, even don't have to click self-service order machine action, really no contact order. In addition to using entity self-help order machine point on the restaurant meal, many people now also reduce eating out, but choose take-out. Many restaurant cash register and access the major delivery platform, can support delivery orders, member of the marketing order, code, discount Settings, store management, enters sells saves the management and other functions, help the restaurant efficiently receive delivery business, expand the business. Originally responsible for cashier staff can realize store patrol, serving, etc, the outbreak period, also can disinfect and epidemic prevention work, thus help catering store better and faster to achieve shutdown, promote food industry compressive and anti-risk ability.
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