Relative to qr code to pay, brush face pay what are the advantages?

by:Fdata     2020-07-15
Brush face pay is the startup project began in 2019, in the future, has great prospects for development and broad market. So we should brush our face what about payment? What are the advantages and the qr code? 1, brush face higher pay than qr code security, static qr code simple and easy to make, with a greater risk for unauthorized. 2, qr code of low cost, simple alternative possibilities. 3, brush face pay equipment has a screen, can do stores propaganda, brush face equipment is also a cashier at the same time, the cashier, member, management, etc. You can see me this article below. This is the red flag chain and large business super will see brush face pay equipment. Improve merchandise business. Brush face payment device is combined with a variety of payment methods, support brush face support qr code collection as well. Honeycomb brush face take about some time ago express by pupil broken with photos, this is due to the hive using cameras to brush a face to make the camera is not the same, honeycomb USES a 2 d plane recognition, brush face USES a 3 d face recognition, recognition to the biological level. So you don't worry about here, brush face is safe. About pay treasure and WeChat official incentive subsidies, this is the official support for service providers, is also the official a way to quickly occupy the market.
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