Restaurants to turn a profit? Boss: the secret is to brush face to pay

by:Fdata     2020-06-09
Brush face pay, experience to upgrade a new consumption experience, not to bring a mobile phone, wallet, can pay. You will see the media recently, the network platform is all about brush face, feeling don't talk about brush face is already with The Times, for many businesses and consumers may have such idea, mobile code is quite convenient, why also make brush face pay, today chat komori brush face to business what are the benefits? Improve the efficiency of cashier brush face automatic deductions, the whole process does not need to take out a cellular phone, help customers to save: come up with mobile phones, it opens at payment software' Pay treasure, such as WeChat 】 Then opens at sweep code or the real code of payment steps, truly achieve the person and the wallet & lsquo; ’ Unity & lsquo; ’ Seamless link payment terminals ( Mobile phones and code to pay cash or bank card 】 Customer payment efficiency, reduce the waiting time of payment customers, improving customer consumption experience also increased customer for stores, make customers more willing to shop to you. Guest absorption drainage brush face of payment is a new method of payment, the entire consumer market stores penetration is only less than ten percent, for the vast majority of consumers, brush face is to pay the payment way of novel, never before seen has never experienced. Fellow too, when you are not, but you have, it ACTS as a drainage efficiency, when potential customers in your area want to experience brush face pay, your shop is natural choice. According to meimei merchants questionnaire surveys merchants pay technology evaluation is 【 Brush face to pay the customer experience is very good, recently stores sales rose twenty percent. Old customers to experience again brush face pay almost half of 】 All channel brush brush face payment device built-in meimei pay face pay iot intelligence small programs, compared with traditional small blue box, a pay channel can be used at a small white box, brush face can pay for the equipment on the market mainstream of third-party payment platform' Pay treasure, WeChat, jingdong, cloud pay, spend bai credit card, etc. ) , the customer payment without thinking by alipay or WeChat problem, improve the convenience of payment at the same time, expand the ways for payment and cater to more young consumers spending habits' Spend bai credit card 】 Promotion preferential rates through brush face pay equipment gathering, merchants average rate is less than 0. 38 and traditional third-party payment, polymerization rates generally pay company cooperation in 0. 38 - 0. 6, the use of pos receive silver is up to 0. 5 - 0. 6, using brush face can also reduce merchants gathering cost rate. 0 cost pay access is brushed brush face face pay merchants installation equipment, have five months bonus period, by guiding customers to use brush face pay each order can get 0. 7 yuan cash prize, seal 400 yuan monthly, top five months 1600 yuan, the equipment the official price 1699 yuan, through local service providers to install equipment is preferential, only need 1499 yuan, that is to say, can also pay by brush face get 101 yuan plus a brush face to pay 1699 yuan worth of intelligent terminal reconciliation management be clear at a glance small program built-in reconciliation system, can realize stores management, all stores operating condition be clear at a glance, does not use multiple accounts to cut to cut off, can be settled accounts with each other, enhance the efficiency of store reconciliation, also can query to the cashier, how much each charge, to help each employee performance statistics, detail management. So in alipay and WeChat these two giants are moving in the period of market, market layout brush face pay no matter from the Angle of safety and convenience, is absolutely beneficial to businesses and consumers, all kinds of consumer subsidies, offline 12-12, brush face New Year, and so on full reduction activities, market awareness is also high. Before installing a benefit!
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