Retail: 2020 new community online self-help cashier, data to predict, self-help locker

by:Fdata     2020-05-23
If there are industry under the outbreak can realize grow, distribution retail home service and community should be regarded as the most representative. Meituan in Beijing daily orders is 2 - higher than that of before Home three times, jingdong first rose 370%, compared to many fresh distribution guest unit price doubled than ever, ding-dong shopping orders rose 80% after the outbreak, box Ma Xian raw parts orders to the usual 5 - more 10 times. For customers, isolated at home, don't want to go to the market to buy food are enjoying day, take-out delivery little elder brother and downstairs self-help vending machine can solve the shopping consumer demand. Fresh goods transport delivery, however, is more than the ordinary shopping with a layer of requirements, is to ensure that the freshness of food. Haidian district, part of the government office is using the online order, settlement, self-service checkout on your mobile phone supermarket distribution way, and place the goods in keeping fresh self-help locker, guarantee vegetables meat freshness, this convenient shopping without contact by the customer consistent high praise. Community retail yong hui has also put into use in hangzhou binjiang community fresh smart cabinet. These fresh smart ark is equivalent to the front of community retail warehouse, customers on the phone, after complete the self-service checkout and pay can pickup within the community of fresh intelligent ark, need not walk out of the community could buy want to buy goods, and unmanned non-contacting self-service shopping. Country garden on March 18th also announced on community retail, in a large bay area layout, more than 600 retail stores community of guangdong. Why retail giants have incoming community and fresh distribution? In addition to the requirements under the background of the outbreak of contactless distribution and contactless self-help cashier, more retail business has a unique advantage lies in the community. Retailers can not predict the customer orders, as you cannot predict customer tomorrow to the store to buy many things. Retail and distribution services, but the community self-help supermarket convenience stores can receive orders in advance, to prepare the goods, this can let retail shops have more initiative, using big data enters sells saves the optimization. In terms of distribution, community retail can be intensive distribution. In the same community residents of A and B in different time order, you may need to delivery little elder brother walk two distribution, but the community if you have any self-help locker or self-help vending machine configuration, express can focus A little elder brother finished A distribution community order, let the customer respectively in self-service locker code to open the door pickup, pickup and delivery time will be more flexible. For access to the inconvenience of the elderly and the office worker of busy work during the day, the community retail will be the new trend of consumption for the future. Sky wave during the outbreak of the vending machine TPS730, retail distribution home and community these two industries was accelerated by pressing the button. Rely on online no self-help shopping and self-help intelligent hardware devices, such as locker community retail will be able to reduce costs and operating costs, attract more spending power.
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