Retail cashier system do 丨 share store management system solutions

by:Fdata     2020-05-09
Present agriculture product and fresh fruit at the request of the sales market has the demand of the market updates, agricultural product quality and variety of fresh food demand more and more diversified, so the adjustment of agricultural structure is the key. Agricultural products intelligent management system solution will ensure that the manufacturing of high quality agricultural products safety agricultural products of nutrients. Optimal household help agricultural businesses create retail and chain store cashier management. Customer case sharing: Beijing west lake island group co. , LTD. Total investment more than 3 billion dollars RMB, Beijing, Shanghai, sichuan, guangdong and other places were completed and put into operation the 14 intelligent ecological farm. West lake island far supranational standard rules for the company, integrity, planting and manufacturing various zero pesticide residues, there is absolutely no organic chemistry and organic products, at present the key commodity contains organic food, organic fruit and vegetables, spices, organic baby foods and so on more than 100 varieties. Lake west island actively embrace the new wave of retail, and online mall will be offline business super double channels to complete the depth fusion, and layout of organic life in the country to experience pavilion, through the inventory and distribution pattern of integration. West island lake in the future, actively explore to digital transformation of circulation system, online channels constantly fusion system. Agricultural products store management system: 1. To achieve chain stores the branch can be unified management headquarters, branch may purchase to the head office, to the goods. Wholesale purchasing multi-tier architecture design, the chain system platform - fat headquarters - - - - - - Thin stores, store implementation and reduce maintenance cost, convenient and quick operation. 2. Data set in the center of the headquarters of the data, store retain their relevant data. 3. Headquarters each application should goods wholesale stores, centralized procurement to suppliers, economies of scale. 4. The headquarters unified management system of the introduction of new product and eliminating old product. 5. Distribution center according to different types of stores in different wholesale price and distribution to stores. 6. Stores based distribution list to be obtained easily into the Treasury. 7. National reconciliation with suppliers and settlement, facilitate enterprise capital controls, accounting data integration, cost of sales, the settlement payment, supplier cost, etc. 8. Headquarters unified management of stores, also may authorize wholesale stores manager license. 9. Headquarters clear personnel structure relations, according to the organizational management authority. 10. Stores transmission between headquarters and the first step you need to set up stores code and password, with communications authority store by store code and password successfully connect based server. 11. Stores and headquarters through real-time data transmission between the data to upload, download, store support offline sales at the same time, under the condition of the network to upload does not affect the data, data security is strong.
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