Retail convenience store dedicated to brush face pay cash register: human liberation, the rational allocation of resources

by:Fdata     2020-07-17
Convenience store dedicated to brush face pay cash register? Brush face pay now is not a rare thing, medium cities in China have been in full swing, now pay for payment of the application of brush face have a qualitative leap. Payment can finally get rid of the dependence on mobile phone, wallet and so on media, with a face around the world will not be afraid. Brush face pay really suitable for retail self-service checkout scenario, customers one by one after scanning the goods, but also take out a cellular phone, intangible pay increases the steps and time, but if the customer by scanning gun after scanning, self-help cashier all-in-one completion settlement, commodity information, price, quantity directly displayed in the brush, face a cash register screen brush face customer directly pay to complete the process of payment, can shorten payment and queuing time. Traditional cashier to an average of three minutes, but self-service checkout time can be shortened to 1 - 2 minutes. Here, the size of the brush face a cash register screen is also a key, if is pay treasure dragonfly F4 8 inch screen display information co. , LTD. And if you use the 21 inches this time the self-service register screen? Takes up too much convenience store space again, at the same time also waste cost, because it is difficult to put such a small convenience store under such large vertical self-help cashier all-in-one, people tend to be at the convenience store to buy a few goods, without like in a supermarket, a large number of purchase, without having to use large screen to show the commodity list. At that time, use the brush size to 10 inch face a cash register or 15 inch desktop brush face just self-help cashier machine is good, suitable for specialized applications in the convenience store cashier scene on the buffet. In addition, brush face payment application in the convenience store, not only can promote efficiency, also can get member data, collect the customer's purchase behavior data, forming the private domain precipitation and the flow of data transformation, to a more reasonable choice goods shelves, supply chain management, scheduling passenger flow analysis and shop assistants. The customer is not only shoppers, but also the cashier, without being trained can self-help settlement cashier. While the traditional artificial cashier can free hand as replenishment tally, make fresh food cooked food, answer customer consultation, promotion, cargo security and other functions. Introduce self-help and cashier machine brush face to pay, not only can free hand, the rational allocation of resources, more can let the shop operators of people, goods, a more scientific and intuitive perspective
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