Retail recovery, brush face pay cash registers help you back to the customer, increase the rate of after purchase!

by:Fdata     2020-07-30
Outbreak, retail sales began to return to work, so food retailers how to get the customer back, increase the rate of after purchase? A lot of convenience stores and supermarkets to use alipay dragonfly brush face pay cash register, it can not only support brush face pays, sweep the yard, a key to achieve can join member, through the pay treasure to bring their own small program, through the member information. Customers don't need to fill out personal information, directly through the pay treasure to background opened the store's card, achieve rapid accurate member portrait drawing and management. Dragonfly brush face through paying treasure payment issued by the cash register of electronic card, online can fusion, establish closer contact with customers. In offline entity stores consumption, open online membership card. Vendors can not regularly to the customer to push activity information, coupons, etc. And can according to different customer's consumption patterns and preferences, consumption levels for different types of goods, precision marketing of the one thousand thousand. In a market, for example, it has opened WeChat public, community, small procedures, etc, by connecting member, and promotion the brand information online, over several days and received more than 900000 page views. As you can imagine, at the end of the outbreak, will be able to gain a large number of users intend to buy, realize the operation and a speedy recovery. And a community through online group buying, also spelled group, also can realize fresh distribution in special period, guarantee the customer's material life. Users form the inertia of purchase in the shop, is likely to become the loyal customers of the store, thus improve the store after buying rate, increase sales. Dragonfly brush face pay cash register through paying treasure to issue an e-card, can help businesses to build member system, build the private domain flow pool, realize the interaction of online to pull through online marketing customer repurchase, improving customer loyalty, and as a member of the online marketing and provides a new channel and the engine of growth.
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