Retailing 'new era' has to brush a face pay can assign a new retail, revitalize the retail industry, new

by:Fdata     2020-06-23
In consumer upgrades, driven by new retail this emerging forms arises at the historic moment. Discussion of new retail has many, many, but in fact more or stay on the conceptual level. Mr Ma about the new retail online + offline + logistics characteristic theory is known, but in reality should develop what kind of new retail, or how to develop a new retail, is still a common problem of the retail giant. Brush, however, face to pay for the development of new retail the advent of a handful of the key to effective problem solving: to offline as the breakthrough point, through constructing the wisdom consumption scenarios, data online and offline experiences advantages into full play, and to be integrated in full, the two that can meet consumption upgrading under the background of people's all sorts of emerging consumer demand, to occupy the advantage in the era of new retail. Brush face pay is the perfect combination of artificial intelligence + new retail product, brush face payment arrival, not only open to eating on the face of time, is to assign a new retail, the retail sector with renewed xinji. Why look good brush face pay new retail model first, brush face convenient payment is can't compare with other payment methods. Compared with mobile payment, brush face pay no longer dependent on hardware, such as mobile phones, and also help customers to save the password, lost password problems, really realize the man together with purse or a bank card, avoid mobile phone there will be no electricity, such as poor signal even lost. Consumer oneself is living wallet walking or bank card, existing technologies can do second identification and second validation, and up to 99% of the face recognition rate also greatly reduces the risk of information and password stolen. Second, brush face to pay the scene experience refreshing. In addition to the payment channel, pay the scene is also more and more get people's attention. Pay no doubt now, brush face a variety of means of payment is much more than before the scene. What happens when people are still in the pay phones, start the App, lost password, you are looking at himself in the screen tiny on smile, just kill or side face a positive face is like upon completion of the autodyne, immediately payment success. Such a cool bright eye black science and technology, the novel experience ever. Most important of all, pay this scenario is bound to be by those who pay more attention to the quality and the service and the pursuit of personalized diversification, high quality, fresh and exciting, experiential consumption group of young and favor, and they are becoming the main force in the future consumer groups, thus it can be foreseen, brush face pay prospects will be very considerable. Brush face pay how to assign a new retail? Brush face payment is successful to facial recognition technology of artificial intelligence and other Internet technology is introduced into the retail industry, build wisdom, a model of consumer scenarios. Brush face pay on pay level, is not just brush face to pay the face recognition technology can also be the people into the store to include traffic, gender, age, facial expressions, preference and other characteristics, precision analysis, allow the user to the picture is more clear, so as to optimize the distribution of goods to improve conversion rates. In addition, the user preferences of face recognition to get online, can also feedback to the data obtained through online feedback to vendors, helping with vendors more comprehensive understanding of consumer demand, and precisely the research and development products, designing marketing strategies. These are perfect to achieve an excellent way to the new requirement of the retail through online. So can not stingily say, represented by brush face payment of the construction of the artificial intelligence technology for wisdom consumption scenarios, for the new retail gives a new energy; In the artificial intelligence technology, driven by commercial pattern is undergoing rapid change, it also promote new retail towards mature and a major step forward. The wheel of history rolls on, the trend of The Times cannot be blocked. Now, brush face pay to officially declare the advent of a new era of open, if the technology further mature escort to security issues, then brush face pay will undoubtedly much better and brighter future.
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