Return to work, restaurants, how to use the temperature measuring terminal, promote efficiency of epidemic prevention

by:Fdata     2020-05-20
As the return to work and food and beverage retail enterprise gradually opened, the infrared temperature gun, face recognition at a distance measuring temperature terminal for the temperature measuring equipment become one of the essential in public places. Epidemic prevention and economic principle, using non-contact temperature measuring device is necessary, which can ensure timely find temperature anomalies, and reduce the workload of manual temperature measurement, time, reduce the risk of cross infection. Especially in the corporate offices and restaurants where the traffic was heavy, high population density. In foshan city of guangdong province as an example, some conditional restore eat-in restaurants, customer goes on temperature checks before entering the store, the disinfection of hands clean and registration contact information, can eat inside. Diners into the wine shop to register for the information these steps sounds of trouble, but I can see, there are also many restaurants customers, basic each table of diners keep a certain distance. How to simplify the temperature test status register step? Many shops can use facial recognition temperature measuring terminal. Way can face recognition temperature measuring terminal remote infrared measuring temperature, achieve non-contact temperature measurement, not someone manually, reduce the contact with employees and customers. And customers can scan qr code registration information, and then through the facial recognition temperature measuring terminal identification, need not hand touching registration with pen and paper, reduce the risk of transmission. Face recognition temperature measuring terminal can make both synchronization carry on, one second. Face recognition temperature measuring terminal support vivo detection and face recognition function, the use of infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement technology, more can realize remote temperature measurement. More optional custom NFC card and id card recognition function, application in different scenarios. Sky-wave face recognition temperature measuring terminal through the non-contact temperature test and face recognition can improve the efficiency of the temperature test identity check, avoid personnel gathered in line test clock in attendance, reduce the risk of transmission. Face recognition temperature measuring terminal can early detection of abnormal temperature, application in public places, can be cut off early cases further spread in public places. Individual companies diagnosed after resume work staff to work for many days, lead to most company employees have been quarantined. If every day can use temperature measuring gun before access to company or facial recognition temperature measuring terminal temperature measurement, can reduce the loss and ensure the smooth return to work enterprise. Haven't outbreaks in the past, but the newborn country, we need to be protection in their respective positions, to make work more smoothly. Use all kinds of temperature measuring equipment such as face recognition temperature measuring terminal, form the health habit of wearing a mask, wash your hands often, will help us to reduce the risk of infection, faster beat outbreak, let the life and work back on track.
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