Reveal | epidemic, beauty makeup store turnover does not decrease the increase of 3 big secret!

by:Fdata     2020-07-22
How many offline through the baptism of the outbreak, beauty makeup store already stay not bottom go to, even though the boss also think a variety of ways: layoffs, pay cuts, the rent is reduced by half, in store unwanted circumstances, however, these are pale. A beauty shop boss said that he does not decrease the turnover increased during the outbreak! Outbreak of together to listen to what he say: let us understand a truth: the public is becoming more and more don't like shopping store! There is nothing attract me into the shop stores; (2) into the store, shoppers like bees buzzing in and sell a lot, very annoying; (3) buy can be purchased online, offline store nothing new. In the resistance to this disease senses, transformation is the only way: the first step is to set up an online shopping mall and in combination with a variety of fission marketing play. First, create the exclusive online mall stores, online data unification. Use tools, think fast day shop mall store goods data can also be synchronized, let customers never leave home to receive a membership card, coupons, buy goods; Group, the group to fight, kill, a variety of customers will play drainage; And then set share reward customers are profitable, let customers take the initiative to share, increase customer channels, drive the fission and word-of-mouth. The second step, the most fire sell goods way: use online live broadcast live, how to play the business sales. Live not to the user to create fun consumer experience, also can build a new ecological beauty makeup retail. Using the days inn marketing tools, live page can jump straight to the shops, implement live while selling goods. Also set up the reasonable discount activity, through means such as coupons, promoting the transformation of more sales. The third step, seize the secondary consumption, tipping stores turnover. After customers to buy the single no then? If the customer pay after the paragraph, stores also can make the Pay after push 】 Preferential hot style, believe can firmly seize the customer again, to drive customers for purchasing a second round of shopping complex, secondary consumption. Think fast days store cashier system marketing function, can easily store implementation. Customers buy with a certain amount sent stamps, or buy a full return now to member account, such as a variety of solutions to guide the customer consumption. After is on the three steps, a common small beauty makeup store in this more than a month, during the outbreak of turnover is still up 40%! More beautiful makeup store operating the path to growth, pay attention to think fast days store cosmetics solutions!
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