Scan the concrete application of gun in the logistics, express industry

by:Fdata     2020-05-01
Introduces barcode technology in logistics management, through the gun integrated collection, sorting, Distribution) , distribution, and so on each link of the work package business, real-time information of the goods collection each link, and then transmitted to a unified information management platform, can meet the express industry in warehouse management, logistics and distribution management, and the application of personnel management requirements. 1, use the gun scan barcode warehouse management, intelligence of put in storage, inventory, outbound goods for automatic identification, information acquisition, transmission, implementation of the items in the loading and unloading, inventory, quick query, and so on. Use the gun scanning, data transmission, ensure the accuracy of the data, avoid the records of human error, error. 2 from the order goods, transport of goods, distribution management, dispatching task part, distribution and delivery to the goods sent to the user, the user to sign for upload, the entire process through the gun for data acquisition and transmission, managers, and clients can be real-time grasp the logistics tracking information of the goods. 3, logistics sorting the gun to quickly read the waybill information, automatic scan code for sorting, improve the efficiency of the logistics operation of interim positions, at the same time to avoid the manual sorting may result in the omission phenomenon. 4, vehicle transportation management using the gun positioning management functions, can be rapidly and accurately track position to the position of the vehicle and cargo information, managers can transport resources for scientific and reasonable scheduling for the team, also can rapid processing of emergency. Shenzhen xing tong content union technology co. , LTD. Main research and development production of laser scanning platform, bar code scanning guns, CCD scanning gun, two-dimensional scanning gun, omni-directional laser barcode scanner, scan module, the above products can provide OEM OEM. Company has many well-known brands to provide OEM service, the factory area of 1534 square meters, at present, the company has passed ISO9000 quality assurance system, the company's products have passed CE, FCC, such as certification. Is the national high and new, shenzhen high-tech enterprises. Certificate of the company has more than 90 patents, including invention patent, copyright, patent for utility model and appearance of patent, etc. Companies adhering to the customer first, forge ahead business philosophy, adhere to the principle of customer first for the general customers to provide quality services.
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