Scenic spots witness check body temperature check equipment, power qingming festival tourists travel!

by:Fdata     2020-05-30
Tomb-sweeping day, for classes has been waiting for the students, the winter holiday is not over, and then the tomb-sweeping day holiday, also should put someone in chat kan wait until labor holiday, someone still isn't over winter vacation! In order to protect the flowers from the largest extent, the beams of our motherland in the future, the outbreak of delay resumption of school area shows that there are risks, the children only obediently at home online course well, words, how is to learn, learn to learn bad, the key still on your own is consciously. When rich, facial recognition access control temperature when it comes to the tomb-sweeping day three days off, estimates that a lot of friends at sunshine outside, the grass sprout out of the earth, a heart early evening fly to all kinds of landscape, yes, because most of the outbreak confinement for nearly three months, don't seize the last spring, the spring of 2020 is finished. Also in succession in many areas recently issued a circular, a lot of 4 a, 5 a scenic area also has a corresponding free and preferential measures. Outbreak of the small long vacation, do you plan to travel? Tourism also has the relevant notice, must be prepared to have the development of scenic spots and scenic tourists and epidemic prevention work, such as scenic spots witness check body temperature check equipment, basic health and epidemic prevention staff identity information and temperature screening this is necessary, so really want to go out to let self friend, it is best to choose low risk area, avoid to many cluster of tourist attractions. When rich, scenic area school witness check temperature measuring equipment, of course, this period of trip, some necessary certificates is a must to carry articles: for example, id card. Whether to travel by train, the high-speed rail, bus or plane, ship, now is almost always use facial recognition check machine status of passenger tickets information inspection equipment, carry certificates must be through the validation of the recount brake machine, need when doing the face check synchronous id verification. Many gate recount is through the tourist scenic spot of facial check and id card check, to determine the tourists identity information. Special period, each big scenic spot check face recognition device synchronization temperature measurement can be more efficient for tourists screening, avoid the gate of the scenic spot for a long time congestion, increase the risk of personnel to contact! Followed by water thermometer, disinfectant, travel, Note: the alcohol is not open a car) , foot masks, disposable gloves, take medicine, carsick medicine, etc. Why bring thermometer and cold medicine? We want to know the deep, the special period of excessive screening is based on temperature measurement. If found himself once the symptoms of a cold or ultra high temperature is best not to go out, on its own in the hotel or home quarantine, or go to the hospital in time. When rich, witness check body temperature check terminal remind: no matter how small long vacation you plan, we can't off guard! At this time of the major provinces and cities outside the input cases and asymptomatic infections is not clear, people gathered together will have the risk of infection, should be prepared to a constant change. Witness check body temperature check around the terminal in the whole process of scenic spots, hotels, communities, stations, epidemic prevention card point of entrance guard witness identification check check-in verification body temperature measurement, etc.
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