Second generation online credit systems, face recognition equipment efficient query

by:Fdata     2020-06-08
In January, the official opening of the People's Bank of China credit reporting center of the second generation credit reporting system. It is said that the second generation promoted information collection, credit reporting system security protection, etc. With professional media, summarizes the new changes of credit systems, including: historical repayment history from 2 years to 5 years long, show mutual borrowing information, data update more timely, more complete personal information records, etc. According to statistics, the system updates will be 1 billion and 2834. 10000 companies and other organizations, credit reporting system in our country has become the world's largest, the most widely coverage of credit reporting system. More and a vast amount of data data requires more authentication terminals, more and more fast and capacity credit systems and identity information query means. According to the central bank, since January 19, 2020, credit reporting center will be geared to the needs of social and financial institutions to provide credit report query service second generation format. At present bank credit reporting system and the identity of the Banks to use check equipment are also updated. For example, at present a lot of Banks are the introduction of face recognition device as authentication terminals. The benefits of using face recognition can be more accurately and quickly check identity, for some stole id outlaws, face recognition for bank credit and banking on the double insurance. Imagine A with B of the id card to the bank for A credit card or loan company to deal with loans, on the face recognition and fingerprinting has not been more than A layer of identity check terminal, citizens are likely to cause A loss. And through or fingerprint and face recognition devices, can confirm the transactor's identity. At present, face recognition is not only used in the brush face, traffic security, bank self-service, access control attendance, etc. , can also be used for bank reference query. And face recognition can also be unmanned self-help witness. At the bank counter business, often have to wait in line, the bank staff with the naked eye again whether the people on the business with their id card, laborious. And use face recognition device, it can realize self-help witness contrast and business to deal with. In need to the bank counter, only in contrast with face recognition and witness functional personal credit self-help gets to, can directly deal with business and fast printing credentials, saves on the staff identity check. Banks use facial recognition ATM implement brush face at present, the withdrawal in places such as Beijing, kunming, Harbin several also introduced the self-service bank branch credit gets to, can support face recognition and id card reading, achieve rapid accurate witness. Put on face recognition equipment id, a second read the personal information, id identification, less than a minute to print out a complete personal credit report. People without a letter, in this era of credit has become increasingly important, credit data will be as an important reference for life of the people's livelihood and social assets. Personal credit is particularly important. Face recognition device power credit reporting system to provide more efficient and convenient reference query service, is conducive to further improve the social credit consciousness, improve the social credit system construction, to push social healthy development.
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