See! Self-service checkout the amazon and Microsoft are doing, are you still consider use need not?

by:Fdata     2020-05-11
From a single commodity convenience store to now a wide range of large business super, China's retail industry has been constantly moving forward. But some pain points of retail entity was not well solved, it is difficult to improve efficiency of cashier, every holiday or large presses, who will row a long team, supermarket hands are full, also reduce the customer's shopping experience. Self-service register is to improve the efficiency of store cashier arises at the historic moment. In the context of the current use of popularity, self-service register good suit the needs of market, favored by the more and more shopping malls supermarkets. Sweep with yards, brush face payment methods, the need to provide subsidies to promote self-service register seems more smoothly. , according to the current requirement of self-help cashier and the market prospect is great. It is understood that in the United States alone self-service checkout and self-service checkout the size of the market to reach about $50 billion. And according to market research firm IDC, according to a survey by 2021, the digital transformation of retailing will bring 1 for the asia-pacific region's GDP. The compound annual growth of 5%. As a result, a large number of enterprises and market have also paid attention to the experience of self-service checkout application. Is known as the amazon launched AmazonGo no one store, is not so much a self-help cashier, it is non-inductive pay more attention to the experience. Customers scan code to enter the store, the choose and buy goods, self-help settlement system can identify what you choose and buy goods, again on the account of the binding automatic cutting amount payable. Amazon's launch AmazonGo unmanned shop even customers in self-service checkout scanning commodity barcodes steps are omitted, true out the payment. As self-service checkout increasingly hot market demand, technology giant Microsoft has rapidly aimed at business opportunities, began to explore in the field of self-service checkout. Such as the world's third largest retail enterprise kroger company ( Kroger Co. ) Cooperation with self-help cashier invoicing system, electronic tags, voice data docking, customer service, hologram, etc. It is understood that they plan to develop a intelligent recognition device self-service checkout, by cameras and sensors can be connected to the customer what commodities and taken from the shelves in their shopping cart or backpack. These cameras can be used as part of the edge of intelligent computing, connection of different equipment, and through simple processing, with the least amount of data transmission to the cloud, promote efficiency and reduce cost. Today, the digital age is coming, shopping malls supermarket how to keep up with the pace of The Times development? Embrace new retail, embrace the new technology will be the market to build high-quality consumer experience, creating one of the breach of the point of consumption.
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