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Self-checkout revolutes the tradition retail restaurant and hospitality industry


The tradition retail and restaurant industry's new opportunity

As the impact of new retail, the traditional retail industry has to make more changes in order to seek survival under the competitions and constraints of e-commerce. Nowadays, the self-service cash register ordering system and self-checkout system have come to people and the traditional retail industry seems to find a new opportunity.

The self-service cash register device provides consumers with a more convenient consumption settlement mode. When customers are checking out, they just need to align the barcode of the articles to the scanning area, and then the self-service ordering system will display the commodity name, unit price, quantity, total price, etc., which can be scanned for payment after confirmation. This operation process gets rid of the tedious manual check-out and the trouble of queuing up, so it improves the user consumption experiences and attracts more consumers. In addition, the self-service cash register kiosk equipment also helps retailers with limited funds to save labor costs. It has fundamentally solved their problems faced by the traditional retail industry.

In the software of the self-service cash register equipment, it has these functions:

The self-service cash register system has the function of docking data analysis, which can remotely solve the needs of purchase, sales and storage management, statistical data, system upgrade, third-party access and member management and marketing. The merchants can log in to the system backend to manage the amount of money received at any time and to view the purchase and sales report of each store. In the use of the membership card, the online and offline connection will be realized.

The Self-service cash register brings the retail industry into a new era. It’s integrated with a bank card, NFC, QR code, mobile payment, face ID pay and other multi-channel payment modes and brings greater convenience and diverse shopping experience for customers; The self-service cash register payment function can improve the efficiency and reduce costs for stores, save time and reduce queuing for customers, and change the traditional long-standing customers' worries.


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