Self-help cashier settlement sense of science and technology, convenient and quick, fashionable high-performance, avoid long lines of pain!

by:Fdata     2020-05-10
Previously, to the cashier and line up at a time, when the supermarket see line up nearly 10 meters long team, heart are almost collapse, also very eager to like abroad, can appear a few diy cash register! This little wish, now finally realized in the supermarket! It was recently a small make up in the supermarket saw self-help cash register, use self-service register balance, don't have to queue, save time and effort, practical high! What specific use self-service register balance? To purchase items of packaging barcode on the cash register code area scanning, at the same time goods, which have been successfully scan appears on big screen display product pictures and the information such as name of commodity, quantity, unit price, is clear. Then the rest of the goods, which in turn scan, final reoccupy phone WeChat sweep/pay treasure payment code, after the success of the pay cash register automatically after print receipts, would leave removed, the entire process is more convenient, takes less than 2 minutes, greatly save shopping time. Using self-service checkout settlement sense of science and technology, and convenient and quick, let customers from the pain of long lines, but small make up found that settlement user groups or in the majority with young people, so for the self-service checkout equipment application at present in the supermarket can only be used for auxiliary, and purchase a large number of items or need to unlock with a card buckle goods, still have to rely on artificial way of cashier. But believe in the near future self-help cashier will be in a more convenient way to present in retail stores. We live in a environment, retailing is everywhere. The presence of these retail and cashier management more inseparable. Therefore, fashion, high performance has become an indispensable demand of shops operating the cash register. In the past few years, retail use cash registers are usually more desktops. Along with the cashier technology innovation and the continuous improvement of aesthetic people, touch screen cash register become the retail industry to be bestowed favor on newly gradually. Touch screen is a great integrated hardware and software, the cash register over traditional pos machine, touch-screen machine can save more and use of space, not only can improve the image of the store and shops can also help create a comfortable leisure and shopping environment. Compared with traditional POS machine in all seriousness, touch screen using the cash register is new touch control technology, add color to use employee's work, also can arouse the enthusiasm of staff. Touch screen machine operation action to reduce, can give employees make more time to rest. Cash register on energy conservation, touch screen is 70% of the energy consumption of traditional POS machine, can store to save cost. All-in-one touch screen cash register by touch screen, a set of software of cashier, combined with the box of unique unibody design, reduce the management of the hardware trouble. Realize a finger touch screen function of cash register information work, only need to move your finger, can be realized all the single function. Vice screen can do for store advertising promotions, to help the store performance improvement.
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