Self-help order machine, common power unbounded retail self-service register

by:Fdata     2020-05-26
Recently, sinopec easyjet introduced coffee service, its rich gas outside the retail business. Limitless unbounded retail and catering has become a new way of thinking of many food and beverage retail operators, food and beverage + + pet clothing, coffee, beverage, bookstores and other composite catering and retail forms. The combination of a variety of food and beverage retail store business model can be broad passenger flow. Pet to the owner of the beauty, for example, can be directly in the store a drink to kill time. Go shopping with wife's husband, can be directly in the shop a haircut, these scenarios for shops can undoubtedly bring more traffic. Overall portfolio can be designed based on high-frequency attract traffic scene, lead to low sales. But two cross-border business at the same time, the hardware and software have a certain requirements for shop. No one is different from the retail and catering, limitless unbounded retail and catering more functions and more manpower required. Cashier clerk to settlement, also should make coffee, salad task management, for the salesperson's ability to have a higher threshold. According to 58 city and word of mouth jointly released by the 2018 national key city restaurant industry labor analysis report, north cities like guangzhou, catering staff shortage phenomenon is obvious. China chain to develop more of a questionnaire, 90% of people questioned in the meal as the problem of labor affect the sustainable development of the catering enterprises first of five pain points. Recruitment difficult, high Labour costs is one of the important factors affecting the development of food and beverage retail industry. To improve the efficiency of running stores, reduce labor costs and pressure, suitable for the intelligent checkout equipment can help the store to get twice the result with half the effort. A cash register, then, how to meet the needs of unbounded limitless retail and catering? Order order, cashier check these belong to compare mechanical work, can use scan code order, smart cash register, self-help order machine, self-help these devices to complete the cash register, the liberation of human. Meituan comments on joint shrimp shrimp surface build wisdom, is to use mobile phone and order code and self-help order machine for order placing and cashier and settlement, the original order of the time from the original 2 - 4 minutes to 45 seconds, will increase efficiency to three times, reduce waiting time by the user. Self-help order machine can be displayed on the screen menu, including dishes pictures and information, also can print orders receipts, to help customers better decision and confirm the order content, reduce the fault single leakage, etc. Self-help order after machine under the orders directly to the kitchen, greatly reduce the assistant cashier and communication cost. For the business in excess of the retail industry, self-service register can also realize no one cashier. Customers just in self-service scans the bar code on the goods on the cash register, self-service register automatic calculation amount, customer again paid by flicking code box before code, can complete the payment and settlement, the entire don't need to staff to participate in the operation. As you can see, the realization of the unbounded limitless retail and catering, need more self-service equipment as the foundation, and order code. Self-help order machine, self-service register will greatly reduce the human cost, to make the combination of food and beverage retail more widely and tightly, Rio vast business scenarios, derivative new commercial form.
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