Self-help order with brush face pay, power outlets authors effect, improving operation efficiency of management

by:Fdata     2020-05-26
For foodservice operators, the most let a person headache is rent, personnel costs and traffic problems. Customer is too little, cost don't come back, the customer is too much, again afraid not enough people deal with traffic. Now many restaurant cash register order introduced self-service machine and brush face pay cash register, to reduce labor costs, improve efficiency of cashier, and improving customer consumption experience. From the human cost, usually think to hire a few waiter has finished. But the human cost of food and beverage business is far more than that, people brought in, how to get started to work? Including order, dishes, settlement, service to the guests, all these need time and energy to training. Catering industry while the threshold is low, but force and repeatability is strong, cause staff turnover rate is high. According to the vice President of a Chinese fast food brands, catering staff turnover rate is as high as 40%. Very not easy good employee training, can't do will leave a few days, to the restaurant restaurant management will cause the waste of resources. To relieve excess rely on food industry for human, self-help order machine and sweep code order is the selection of the many dining restaurant. In the case of a shortage of staff, also do not affect the customer order. Just self-help order machine click in the shop wanted to eat the food, or by phone code order, you can directly to order direct after hutch, customer order directly in the self-service machine and sweep code order small program to complete the order, order and settlement. Don't have to queue at the checkout counter, also need not such as the assistant to order and confirm the order, order information real-time print receipts or displayed on the phone, also can reduce the risk of leaking order single, wrong. Sky-wave self-help order machine can realize the touch-screen self-help order, print receipts, yards and brush face payment functions, to achieve more efficient self-service order function. Multinational fast food brand in the sky wave were used in burger king intelligent self-service order machine, automated order. No one order time, businesses can also be intelligent self-service order as advertising machine, can by brand advertising and sales promotion information, also can support scan code and brush face payment at the same time. Buffet restaurant cash register into brush face to pay, what good? Self-help order machine brush face can not only shorten the payment time, Don't have to deliberately take out a cellular phone, not afraid of the mobile phone no signal, no electricity can't sweep code to pay, also can be used as a picture of the user of data entry. Imagine that customers use self-service order machine order in a restaurant, system can recognize his membership, not regularly push coupons and new product information, promotional offers, can promote the customer's buying rate. When you know that before the visit of a restaurant, now has 100 - 50 full reduction activity or your favorite dishes have preferential, will encourage you to visit the restaurant again. This is a more accurate marketing members. In the past, the restaurant will introduce self-help order and brush face payment functions, purchasing cost is not low, especially for small and medium-sized restaurant, restaurant, install self-service order machine or the introduction of brush face pay high cost. But with the popularity of alipay dragonfly F1 brush face pay cash register, inn-keeper introduced brush face payment functions greatly reduces the cost. And through alipay dragonfly small program development, and even can be realized on the dragonfly brush face pay cash register self-help order function, pay treasure to dragonfly brush face paying cash register into a mini self-help order machine, let ordinary food shops can afford, boost the authors effect, increase the rate of customers after purchase.
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