Self-help why more popular than artificial cash register cash register, self-service register original order

by:Fdata     2020-05-11
Why is more welcome than artificial cash register cash register? With the development of mobile payment and new retail wave swept, self-service register has been used in restaurants, department stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, such as daily consumption scene, greatly improved the efficiency of the cashier, marketing and business management, update the experience of consumers. Previously, every time meet supermarkets or holiday, will have lined up to the status of the cashier. At present, many shopping malls and supermarkets introduced self-help pay smart means such as clearing the checkout counter, brush a face to speed up the checkout. Why self-service register more popular than manual cash register? Self-service register eliminates the waiting time of customers. Will the customer can find barcode scanning frame to self-service register below to input to purchase goods, then pay through mobile payment. If they are skilled operation, only need 1 - the entire process 2 minutes. During the difficult in artificial checkout line, using self-service checkout customers have completed their settlement and payment, and easily out of the supermarket. Since the self-service register so convenient, self-help supermarket cash register mean that no longer need a clerk? In fact, self-help cashier in the supermarket channel, can see there are still a few staff unattended, they mainly responsible for teach customers how to use the self-service checkout for invoicing. Self-service register or is a relatively new way of cash settlement, need to develop the user's habits. Once the user familiar with the process of self-help cash register, they will be more comfortable in the later use, self-service register speed will be faster. ” For operators, a dozen cashier may not be able to cope with the peak passenger flow, need extra staff costs. When shopping in daily life, however, is relatively small, the cashier is idle, caused the waste of manpower. Self-service register can solve this imbalance. Busy can quickly when the cashier invoicing, ease the passenger flow. Free time, can be in self-service register large touch screen broadcast promotional information, do not need to increase or reduce the manpower. Self-service register can be 24 hours of continuous work, can make up the shortage of manpower of night shift. However, self-service register has not been fully popularity. It set up only in the large supermarket chains. And to consider the old man special populations, such as artificial cashier or have the necessary existence, at least not a short time. Self-help is more welcome than manually register the cash register? As people familiar with gradually to the intelligent products and acceptance, self-service register will be the main force of supermarkets, shopping malls, convenience store cashier in the future.
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