'Self-service checkout' and 'brush face payment' 丨 future the key to the development of industry of new era!

by:Fdata     2020-05-23
In the first half of 2019, the most popular word is self-service checkout and pay brush face. Dig a new era with the new user traffic and the value of the scenarios, open the door industry has become the future battlefield. This is no longer around the mobile phone and the APP in the battle of traffic, is swept into a vertical refinement, more scenes of new business. Two electronic retailing giant WeChat pay treasure to have cooperation with manufacturers in POS, brush from face pay products, to both sides portray smart pay and digital management in the future, to the subsidy policy, make the brush face pay is at the forefront. Means opportunity and tuyere waves means risks and challenges. Brush face pay very fire trend in where? 1, giant trading water brush face payment mainly put in large and medium-sized retail supermarkets, chain stores, for the merchants, every day a lot of turnover can be hundreds of thousands of, and which is associated with huge transaction fees. 2, the official policy support is not only a WeChat or pay treasure to give businesses the biggest support, such as consumers through brush face payment in full payment equipment or random red packets and so on. 3, joining support headquarters headquarters to support, including brush face pay equipment support, equipment debugging support, product training, etc. In brush face graces, payment security for the real user capital loss, pay treasure will compensate. Face recognition technology research and development of faster than expected, the technology is difficult to achieve 100% perfect, for the user's rights guarantee, pay treasure to have a very mature system. Alipay, officials said, because with the insurance money account, you dare to pay on sweeping code product I dare to compensate, you dare to esau I dare to compensate. Speed identification, without user cooperation, meet the demanding of business applications. Scenes docking at the checkout line products, need to achieve the integration of the hard and soft integration. For the original face payment technology, technical challenge is much larger than in the APP. Part of face recognition products require users to cooperate with open mouth, nodding, such as living detection, in commercial experience in the scene. Use brush face after the payment, personal photos have leaked risk information? Think, front end machine for face information will not be retained, and picture information leakage risk is not high. Very little amount of information contained in the photo, photos usually citizens access to the minimal may be in the process of payment, because the person is more wary of photos being stolen. Face recognition brings the biggest convenience is payment process without having to use a mobile phone, brush face payment will appear in more application scenarios in the future, to bring us more convenience. Domestic some places have been implemented into the subway, brush brush face face to buy tickets, etc. Such a small payment scenarios, using brush face pay will become the norm. In the field of big pay, face recognition is also important auxiliary means.
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