Self-service checkout system to alleviate the store checkout and mobile payment experience?

by:Fdata     2020-07-31
With the change of the people consumption ideas and modes of payment, online pay more and more users use relatively scan code and brush face payment has become a boom of mobile payment. And department stores, convenience stores and other self-service system is becoming more and more widely used, smart businessmen like in the set of artificial cashier at the same time set up several self-help, paid in serving the different habits of people, also can alleviate shop at the check-out person long long queue and affect customer consumption experience. ( Cashier system) Self-help cashier is different from the traditional collection mode, highly intelligent, personalization into paying customers bring depth, complete self-help consumer experience, the retail experience into a brand new technology area. Cash, such as micropayments multi-channel payment mode for the customer to bring greater convenience and shopping experience, and self-service shopping or a combination of products such as self-help also for enterprises to improve the efficiency, reduce cost, reduce the queuing time for the client, change the traditional way to pay, open a new era for cashier mode. From the point of the development of recent years, in the supermarket stores popular self-help cashier is the norm. This norm is targeted at young consumers, at the same time, can slowly cut the retailer's labor costs. Self-service register for goods, only the qr code label; For the register, is consumer statement to redefine the process. They are they are settled, flexible operation documents detail recording: front desk cashier opening sheet fast, automatic printing, receipts support are cancelled, after receiving send coupons, mobile phone order cashier operation, such as cashier scene full satisfaction; Consumer payment, balance of stored value, integral to change the system automatically send text messages, WeChat remind, let customers consume more at ease; Transaction documents automatically record and avoid manual man-made omissions, clear and accurate business running water. ( Member of the software)
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