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Self-Service ordering kiosk integrated with QR Barcode payment module solution


Due to the development of mobile internet, and its fast, efficient and high frequency of daily use, combined with the continuous progress of embedded barcode reading engine technology and the number of mobile payment users, the self-service ordering kiosk service has become a well-deserved impetus point for the new retail industry. 

In recent years, the distribution of China's self-ordering machines has a super-speed growth trend of more than 30%. Under the affection of "Internet Plus", the whole society has entered the time of data and information. With the rapid development of mobile payment, traditional self-service ordering machines have been difficult to fit the market. And nowadays, "Internet plus" provides new requirements to the innovation development of the self-service equipment industry, extending a series of QR code and barcode scanning function and payment applications.

Along with the development trend of the Internet and smart retailing, how to choose a solution supplier to partner and make the self-service equipment with QR barcode payment modules, it has become a major thorny problem. From a professional view, a self-service kiosk machine developer or manufacturer in the selection of QR code scanning module suppliers isn’t only to consider the quality of products, the compatibility with the original payment system is more important.

Fdata as a provider with a few years of experience on point of sale terminals, we help clients to make a series of unique and creative self-service kiosk equipment in the restaurant and retail markets. We offer pos kiosk customized solution service with the latest NFC and QR code pay, face identity recognition payment technology combined to help customers from product design, development, manufacturing to after-sale. We partner and grow great business together.