Self-service register 'duty' citizens enjoy life buffet

by:Fdata     2020-07-18
The original title: self-service register post citizens enjoy self-help life along with the coming of the era of intelligence, as well as the popularization of mobile payment, many merchants in order to reduce labor costs and attract customers attention, try to apply related concepts to the retail industry. Recently, the reporter saw a large supermarket in the county, in the region of the cashier at the end with two self-service checkout equipment. A woman is a self-help operation of cashier, one side of the artificial the register to be a long dragon, in line two men noticed this new payment terms, they also go to the self-service checkout equipment operation. Less than a minute, the two men can finish the checkout. Then, the reporter in the supermarket, chose some items, experience new machines. The whole process of four steps, it takes only a minute or so. Compared to stand in the check-out queues of artificial checkout, it saves a lot of time. Every night at 7:30 to 8:30, supermarket will peak for settlement. The supermarket staff told reporters that in the one hour, the traffic will reach 7800. In the past, even opened eight cashier window, also is in short supply, the invoicing team or row long long of. The two independent cash register became a line terminator. Image: network reporter at the scene to see, self-service register is not the patent of young people. More than 50 years old aunt Chen had a sneak. Self-service register just appeared, aunt Chen is still a little hesitant, afraid of not operating. But after a time sent staff to guide, found that is very simple, and the use of self-service checkout the cash register, not only greatly shorten the queue time, checkout process fast and convenient. Aunt Chen to self-service thumb up the cash register. The reporter understands, at present in our county in the supermarket, self-service register is the first attempt. Compared with the traditional artificial cashier, on the one hand, ease the queue, on the other hand can reduce the error rate of the cashier, reduce labor costs. Supermarket official said. However, she also told reporters that if citizens buy what is more, it is choose artificial checkout is more convenient. The personage inside course of study says, self-service register though to some extent, save the human cost, also eased the artificial checkout queue time long, complied with the trend of consumption upgrade, but not completely replace the artificial way of cashier, especially big supermarket around the community, the main target group in the elderly is given priority to, or used to cash, self-help cashier completely accepted also need a certain amount of time and process.
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