Self-service register, make the supermarket shopping more convenient!

by:Fdata     2020-07-31
Along with society's progress, the mall has become a kind of way, people improve life for the sake of improving customer shopping experience, following the tide of The Times. More and more supermarket use self-service checkout equipment. We have learned, at present most of the supermarkets has comprehensively introduced self-service register. Self-service register can let customers scan goods, in the form of self-service checkout payment, queue process, from the bondage of one-to-one relationship between liberation cashiers and cashier. When you are shopping, customers only need in self-service register touch screen click & quot; Start shopping & quot; , pop & quot; Sweep commodity code & quot; Page, your own aim the commodity barcode scan code mouth scan them one by one, one by one the name of commodity, price, quantity is on the screen. Click & quot; Completed and payment & quot; After the screen & quot; Bank card & quot; ” The CARDS & quot; Two kinds of payment. After selection, credit card, lose, cash register automatically print out the transaction slip and shopping list. Buy 5 items of self-service checkout time is about 2 minutes, not only convenient and quick. Self-help cash register on the one hand can solve the problem of cashier, greatly improves the speed of cashier, solve the problem of queuing, on the other hand, customers own operation cashier equipment can increase the fun of shopping time know the sum of the shopping cost. Paid in technology when rich buffet brush face a cash register, for example, when rich, self-service register since put into market, widely favored by merchants. Supermarket staff have reaction, since the supermarket use self-service register balance, the cashier work less, many young customers no longer choose queue but independent to self-help pay cash register channel to check out. For supermarket, three five self-service register need to arrange a worker beside it is good to supervise, guide, customers don't have to queue, easier then the supermarket, the practicability of self-service register a perfect 100 points!
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