Self-service register | the function is all ready, convenient and practical, for the supermarket cashier 'tomorrow'!

by:Fdata     2020-07-18
The pace of rapid development of society, a growing shopping needs, make more and more supermarket as far as the eye can see into the consumer of all sorts of scenarios. Since smart devices available, quickly seize the consumer's field of vision, got the favour of consumer greatly, self-service register get rid of the bondage of one-to-one relationship between the cashier and consumers, for operation of the supermarket have played an important role in the countrys, the icing on the cake. Today, small make up together to explore the now commonly found in supermarkets, convenience stores, self-service register. Image: network self-service register is used to realize self-help shopping equipment such as convenience stores, supermarkets, the equipment can let customers scan goods, in the form of self-service checkout payment. When customers shopping at self-help cash register touch screen click & quot; Start shopping & quot; , pop & quot; Sweep commodity code & quot; Page, your own aim the commodity barcode scan code mouth scan them one by one, one by one the name of commodity, price, quantity is on the screen. Click & quot; Completed and payment & quot; After the screen & quot; Bank card & quot; ” The CARDS & quot; Two kinds of payment. After selection, credit card, lose, cash register automatically print out the transaction slip and shopping list. Compared with the traditional offline store cashier system, self-service register are not only greatly simplify on hardware, give a person a kind of small and exquisite feeling; More major is to integrate the mobile payment and the main screen together, help customers to save time, eliminate the pain of customers line up to pay. Image: the network today, efficiency means more profits, self-service register in optimizing store cashier efficiency has played a pivotal role, consumers use self-help cashier checkout, the waiter cashier pressure, can be wholeheartedly for customer service, and self-service checkout way save checkout queue time, make the queuing time is greatly reduced, supermarket cashier check efficiency is improved. In 2009, according to data about 100000 global self-service register put into use; Domestic demand for self-help cash register are also growing. Although self-service checkout on improving shopping experience and optimize the configuration of human has many benefits, but also cannot entirely replace artificial way of cashier. Can see, the self-service checkout can meet the diversified needs of different consumer groups, so in the near future, perhaps utilization rate is higher, get the favour of more consumers.
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