Self-service register, vending machines, no contact distribution, convenient bee has been before

by:Fdata     2020-04-26
Recently, along with vulcan hill hospital official consign is used, a special supermarket also quickly online within 24 hours. The supermarket is not equipped with the cashier, after customers choose good items, sweep through mobile self-service code checkout. Opening on the first day, the supermarket has received more than 200 guests, provides a more convenient, more medical workers safety supplies. Shopping without communicating with people all the way, thanks in large part to avoid the risk of droplet transmission. Thus netizens on weibo for the supermarket thumb up: the development of science and technology, reduce risk, security, way better than more difficult, China is to use your shoulders up speed, has the net friend call: online shopping can also send me it, home to be good, take delivery are all afraid of contact with little elder brother, listen to people knocking at the door to be afraid of death is in addition to the special hypermarket vulcan hill hospital, for consumer safety, including convenient bees, each big brand manufacturers in the promotion of the non-contact service. At the beginning of the opening, convenience of bees around stores set up four self-service register, only when consumers need, will provide human services, the business is not only solved the undisturbed consumers fear of disease, the club, as same as the fire mountain supermarket to reduce the risk of human-to-human transmission. Convenient bee, executive director of Xue Enyuan said in convenience, shop assistant will take alcohol to wipe every four hours self-service register screen, there is no touch screen infection. Xue Enyuan told reporters: not only stores the self-service register, we also put a lot of vending machines in many regions bee locker, bee locker to provide consumers with a lot of snacks, drinking water, consumers can rest assured to buy, edible. In addition, in addition to provide self-service checkout service for consumers to shop, convenient bees also provide some take-out consumers with no contact with the shipping service. No contact service requirements distribution member arrived at the user location, phone number and user communication is contactless distribution services, if users to accept the service, the two sides agreed place, convenient marki placed according to the requirement to the bee internal report system, and then leave. And placed good finished and only wait for the user to take goods, the shipping agent to complete the confirmation of order.
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