Set up shop in a foreign country, how to choose the appropriate English cashier software!

by:Fdata     2020-05-04
Nowadays, more and more overseas Chinese, there are also some countries encourage local Chinese, supermarkets, shopping malls, etc. , in the Chinese region to a certain preferential policies. So many overseas Chinese abroad to supermarkets and small retail as a professional, so the new open a shop owner, decorate in the finished site selection, shop rent, after a series of things, always pick the ring baffle cashier system. Multifarious products on the market, which is a support in both Chinese and English and to use the cashier system? After you have tried a lot of cashier system, you will find that, different brands of cashier system, there will be an industry, it is good at such as aggressive advocate, this system is suitable for convenience store or stores. 1, professional, convenient, wide range of aggressive advocate cashier system itself is developed based on the English version, so product, options and other more accurate specification. Can be easily into, sales and stock and cashier management, member management and staff commission calculation, etc. Applies to clothing stores, convenience stores, retail stores, jewelry stores, gift shop, and so on. More than 2, for multinational enterprise integrated multi-currency, tax data as a professional supplier of cashier management system, aggressive advocate, service above 10 years experience in overseas retailers, in accordance with the requirements of national laws and regulations, the system automatically calculate and display the corresponding commodity tax to the product. Integrated multi-currency for multinational enterprises, tax system function, according to customer requirements and multilingual third party platform, or docking system, fast accurate data update summary of each platform. 3, shop management across countries and regions to support different countries share the same database, summary analysis of sales data across countries and regions, according to each chain store operation and sales data analysis, the comprehensive control of global chain business sales, timely adjust marketing strategies. 4, a full range of data statistical analysis cashier system to provide daily, weekly, monthly, passenger flow, the plateau effect, effect, inventory turns, chang unmarketable products, many shop goods sales data between icon, and so on professional retail data analysis, more accurate understanding of customer preferences, grasp the trend.
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