Shanghai mall restaurant guests have a new recruit

by:Fdata     2020-06-15
As Shanghai entered the stage of comprehensive return to work, each big mall restaurant is gradually gaining popularity. Eating and shopping of the people's livelihood, and epidemic prevention work along with the increasingly popular, but shall not be careless. Dining, take meal, cashier has a one-meter line in line after the Shanghai district north European line booking register to buy masks, netizens have thumb up. Now, in some stores in Shanghai restaurants, the one-meter line landscape becomes more. Food plaza Shanghai center of the store, but see rows of long gone, customers in one of the small table in the dinner, the whole hall like the examination room. The manager told reporters that the comprehensive return to work after they put the dining area of the original 680 tables and chairs, temporarily adjusted to 220 tables and chairs, keep a desk a chair, interval between adjacent table 1 meter. In addition, considering the return to work after the passenger flow will increase than before, they adjusted the stores of inward and outward moving line, entry and exit are one-way, to avoid the guest hedge cause pollution. Food plaza counter to all the people, and keep one meter distance. You buy some food in the customer, please queue interval today, one meter in the century lianhua central store, broadcasting speakers are playing over and over again to remind one-meter line queue cashier recording. I saw many customers hear after the broadcast, not slowed his steps. Field staff told reporters that advocate the one-meter line line cashier is they take effect on February 9, relatively young customers more habit, of the older customers aren't used to a few days ago, this several days one-meter line cashier line more and more elderly customers also. Central, century lianhua hypermarket store, the cashier with plastic poncho ACTS as a protective clothing. More than any contact distribution, there is no access to the shop to take food for days, delivery, express delivery industry already widespread distribution, with the increase of the comprehensive return to work after dinner guests, some restaurants to start another service without access to the store take food. Siping road in McDonald's restaurants, reporter saw take meal plate takes place the sticker, according to the order no. Order no. Single and double, separately in two side, be clear at a glance. Customers use mobile phone APP, buffet restaurant order machine or after the counter in order, no matter eat-in or to go, the waiter will make good meals into packaging bags and sealing, to take food. Then, the customer can according to the order number to take food. McDonald's launched without access to the store take food. McDonald's relevant personage tells a reporter, at present they have over 3000 restaurant started without access to the store take food, thus reducing order, take meal in the process of human contact. At present, apart from a few follow mall business hours are adjusted in Shanghai, about 230 stores have been normal business. Keep a one-meter line distance take-away member with customers. Burger king out of contact service projects have been launched. In order from the link, the staff will remind consumers to use mobile phones at the scene order, screen self-service order to order; At link, take meal pantryman matchs good after a meal, in the plate to the right of the paper, with black pen mark take food, and then put products close to consumers on the counter, and then take a step back, waiting for consumers to take food. Consumers to hear or see nobody take food on the screen number, you can go to. Gatekeepers have new recruit, but also enable the robot disinfection into stores to restaurants to measure body temperature, not wearing a mask of customers want to stop, it is all in order to keep the door, put the diffusion, the reporter in the interview, also see some other good way to keep the door. Since the outbreak, in order to lift the shopping safety, pudong first yaohan enough brains, mall office Fan Chensheng told reporters: shopping malls, a total of six door now, only keep the three sides of the gate can be in and out, the other three sides of the gate not only leave, in what we call & lsquo; SanJin three out & rsquo; 。 In nanjing west road, jing an kerry centre, now all the main entrances and exits all the sliding door by the security guards, and need to wear disposable gloves. Robot to replace part of the human, is also the Shanghai store is drafting a new initiatives in order to ensure safety. On February 11, in jing 'an district industrial swire remit mall, patrol robot and robot cleaner is take turns to mount guard. Societe generale swire remit using robot, involved in disinfection and patrol. The cleaning robot is societe generale swire remit as the original equipment, cleaning robots will be based on the embedded map, back and forth inside the mall spraying disinfection liquid medicine. Since the outbreak, enable the new patrol robot, is responsible for store periphery patrol, and develop its language function in the special period, remind of consumers to wear masks and prompt security considerations. Use robot instead of part of artificial, in the moment can effectively reduce the staff direct contact with consumers, as much as possible to avoid cross infection caused by contact. Societe generale swire remit pr Korea stars said to the reporter. According to the reporter learned that, since the full return to work, to the elevator management, Shanghai some shopping malls, office buildings on the Numbers of passengers are passenger lift restrictions. Raffles city in the history of the people's square, provisions on each passenger lift each maximum number of crew for 8 people; Societe generale/Hong Kong swire remit societe generale passenger lift restrictions prescribed by 6 people; The elevator is limited to nine people will wheelock square; Hongqiao fuli center cannot be more than 4 people; Jin MAO tower has developed the jin MAO tower a period of time, the work plan for peak floor, require different floor tenants from 8:30 between 9:30 in the morning, four times to come to work.
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