Shenzhen product brush through science and technology of sichuan ying tai really technology acquisition

by:Fdata     2020-08-01
China pos webex, recently, shenzhen product scrubbing technology co. , LTD. , completed the acquisition of the tiger really technology co. , LTD in sichuan province. Product brush, according to the science and technology through the acquisition will form a better service experience and a complete solution for the customer. With the completion of the acquisition of the original product brush to brush the founder Mr Yi offered no longer concurrently hold the position of general manager of science and technology, will be held by a Mr Tian Xumin. Product brush will be through the acquisition of science and technology are complementary in terms of product and solution integration, expanding the coverage of service ability and industry also get further improvement. Allow more users to enjoy one-stop service, faster, smarter, more efficient operations, and have a better experience. About product brush: shenzhen brush technology co. , LTD. , is a paid in innovation, biometrics, AI technology based intelligent business solutions for service providers. After shareholding modification in 2018 by the funds investment company, the listed company executives a kechuang enterprise run by business team. Company with sales network covering the whole country and support system, and assist in retail, catering, entertainment, tobacco, health care, and many other industries the head of the customer. About the Thai true: sichuan ying tai's science and technology is committed to innovative technology and Internet application in business scene, the main solution for LED photoelectric display technology, the RFID intelligence asset management system and three-dimensional network defense system.
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