Since the October 2019 block chain rises for national strategy, all participants actively action in the field. Push the block chain technology application

by:Fdata     2020-06-05
The main force of ground which is the main market participants brush face pay. China unionpay actively block chain technology research since 2015, keeping track of the underlying technology, exploring based on block chain technology applied in the financial sector, has been including electronic invoice, payment voucher, supply chain finance in the fields of applied research experience, and with the commercial Banks, payment institutions mainland and overseas agencies to carry out a wide range of technical exchanges and in-depth cooperation. Block chain service network closed beta period, China unionpay will work with the state information center, China mobile and other partners to actively promote safety and functional testing, the technical architecture optimization, the operational plan formulation, basic service ability construction, innovation application promotion, etc. The future, block chain service network will have access to financial institutions and other enterprises, in the application scenarios, ecological construction and the standard first try, block chain industry rapid, sustained, healthy and orderly development. Ant gold suit for three consecutive years to become the world's largest company by application block chain technology patents, fell to the ground more than 40 scenarios, most focused on the areas of people's livelihood. In the field of supply chain finance, the ant gold suit, which is based on core enterprise of accounts receivable, joint of the supply chain to participate in the main body, originally 3 months of payment days shorten to 1 second; Launched at the product level, the ant gold alliance of independent research and development chain technology, financial level the block chain BaaS platform, supply chain finance collaboration platform double-stranded, credible witness platform, etc. Pay treasure to block chain also help Yangtze subway sweep yards pay chain connectivity. Shanghai, hangzhou, ningbo, wenzhou, hefei, nanjing, suzhou, wuxi, xuzhou 9 citizens in the city of local metro App available in eight other city code lock machine. From the traditional point to point 1. 2 0 mode, to apply alipay block chain. 0 reticular pattern, expansion of connectivity is more than a pass, or to pay treasure to ants block chain technology represented by the successful experience of innovation of science and technology. Block chain recorded all transactions, tamper-resistant across the city, each city subway company can obtain corresponding bus from chain segment, price, automatic level second settlement. Block chain as the information on the Internet, have no assets or risk transfer, regulatory focuses on anonymous block chain, cut open, and do not tamper with the characteristics of both to data privacy protection, and also to prevent the spread of harmful information on the chain. In early 2019, the state Internet information office released and implemented 'block chain information service management regulations', in response to concerns. Block chain itself does not create value, once you have linked to economic mechanism block outside the chain of assets, such as a stable currency ( Stablecoin) , will have the value function of the Internet, involving assets and risk transformation, regulation is more complicated. And other seven departments of the people's bank in 2017 jointly issued the announcement of for the issue of financing risk prevention tokens, contain no sovereign credit guarantee or intrinsic value of the virtual currency, prevent waste of social resources, prevalence of speculation, market manipulation and other problems. The people's bank of digital currency DCEP continue to study, think that as long as the block chain technology can meet the requirements of minimum 300000 transactions per second order of magnitude, does not exclude the launch a digital currency based on block chain. In addition, commercial Banks also have a breakthrough in the field of chain block. Handle in national network letter released in October 2019, the second list block chain information service for the record, the industrial and commercial bank is a state-owned large bank first in line for the record, the record icbc project contract for seal chain block chain service platform using intelligent and sharing books integration mechanism to build trust, support of supply chain finance, asset transactions, such as application, implementation of poverty alleviation funds use transparent, accurate delivery and efficient management, applied to the male AnZheng demolition funds management system, central Europe single cross-border trade platform, icbc e letter. Block chain deployment from the bank of China is broad, application scenarios, including digital wallets, trade finance, housing lease, public welfare, cross-border payments and digital instrument for poverty alleviation, in addition to cross-border payments and digital instrument at the testing stage, or other scenarios are successful cases have been introduced the real product. Construction bank BCTrade2 issued in October 2019. 0 block chain trade finance platform, participants including construction bank 54 branches and more than 40 domestic and foreign trade. In December 2019 issued by Shanghai branch of agricultural bank of cross-border e chain, based on block chain technology can assign pain points more entrepot trade business, business chain of participants share and verify the goods flow, cash flow, document flow, implement the cb trade authenticity. Brush face pay rise and ground application of block chain technology, for China to grasp the technology and the new trend of development of the industry, the popularization of China to the global standards and rules, speed up the internationalization of the renminbi, as well as basic built in 2020 Shanghai international financial center has a lot of help, need to mix, discuss the co-construction and sharing.
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