Single and double screen to register the cash register, how to choose to adjust measures to local conditions, reasonable use

by:Fdata     2020-05-18
In the rapid development of science and technology in today's society, no matter what type of stores involve cash register, pos cash register and preferred is intelligence, but smart pos cash register is divided into single and double screen to register the cash register, how to choose good? Many businesses are troubled for this problem. Small make up remind everybody can respectively according to the actual needs of the stores, combined with the following single and double screen function of cash register and make reasonable purchase application scenario. For the cash register, can be distinguished in appearance on the show, divided into single and double screen to register the cash register. On price, must be double screen than one cash register the cash register, if choose directly from the Angle of the price, so for store opened in the early years of the merchants also have not cannot, then in addition to the cost, what other factors can choose? Double screen cash register: double screen touch points is given priority to screen and screen the cash register, the home screen touch screen for the clerk operation, guest screen geared to the needs of customers, is mainly used to confirm the order information, display of qr code, the amount payable and display information ( Product display, preferential information, company introduction, etc. ) And no additional print advertising material and gathering qr code card, double screen to show the different ways to boost business information display and customer experience. It can be seen that the double screen cash register more help businesses real-time interaction with customers. But the downside is obvious, at the time of queuing cashier, unfavorable to the member's privacy. From the point of sales data, double screen touch cash register users are mostly supermarket, restaurant, milk tea shop, coffee shop, clothing stores and chain of convenience stores, etc. More upscale hotel will introduce intelligent identification function to have the cash register, cash register for different industries, using double screen is more advantageous to the cash register for more business practices, and thus more income for shops. One cash register: single touch cash register more applied in the small restaurants, fast-food restaurants and retail stores of husband and wife. One smart cash register price is relatively low, accounting for the space is little, put the position is more flexible. But for the customer to confirm the amount of guest because there is no screen or LED digital display, difficult to timely find the wrong order. If it is pure be small retail establishments, few shops to customer interaction request, using a single register price will be higher. Specific how to choose, you can need according to their own shop. All the manufacturer also should pay attention to when the choose and buy, the so-called a penny a points goods, cheap can't say all the goods is not good, but good affirmation is relatively cheap. Every day need to use the cash register, small make up recommend to choose a good market here and relatively good manufacturers to buy such as after-sales service. It is best can provide professional OEM/ODM/EMS service experience. Quality and the strength of the product can be comparable to the quality of the brands.
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