Sinopec launched 'comfortable buying vegetables' business + no convenience store

by:Fdata     2020-05-08
Under the outbreak, a lot of people don't want to stick to the market to buy food. But the demand for fresh foods is still strong. Many people choose take-out or home delivery services, but the process also inevitable contact with the staff. For some work resumption of workers, but also pay attention to the delivery time. According to these weaknesses, sinopec gas station was announced in February at ease to buy the food business. Users in the cell phone up and down list, choose vegetables package, can go to the nearby gas station take food at any time, don't get off don't open the window all the way, a key to the trunk. Is the business is welcomed by many customers, selling vegetable every day has reached around 600 cases. Gas stations to join business, selling vegetables is equivalent to will yourself into a front, at the same time using the network all over the country, and drive the region because of the outbreak unsalable selling of agricultural products. At present, hangzhou, jinhua, jiaxing, 133 gas station also launched the compassion to help farmers eggs, reduce the loss of farmers, also reduce the transportation cost of agricultural products. Crossover for the first time, this is not the gas station before it launched the business of selling freshly brewed coffee. Gas station business is becoming more and more means of people too much. But consider from the operating costs, a gas station hired hands is limited. Every increase a business if you need to add a specialist is responsible for, the human cost load will be overweight. Therefore, unmanned and self-help cashier will be more and more application in the network. In 2018, sinopec cooperation with jingdong introduced a gas station convenience store. Customers through sweeping brush yards or facial recognition devices face the door, the shelf price tags, electronic information can be real-time display commodity prices and promotions. After customers choose the right goods, can through the self-service checkout clearing machine self-help payment settlement and brush face, significantly improve the efficiency of cashier, also can reduce the cashier personnel costs. Under the background of the outbreak, the convenience store and self-service checkout way have reduced personnel contact, for 24 hours and retail. Use the automated cashier clearing machine, gas station convenience store can be responsible for cashier clerk originally into fresh distribution, products production, packaging, and other products business, reduce workload, alleviate queue condition, make customers more comfortable.
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