Sky-wave brush face temperature entrance guard terminal application on the community and office buildings, convenient installation into advantage!

by:Fdata     2020-07-24
With the advent of the national work resumption tide, and epidemic prevention has entered the phase of another key. How to do prevention, to resist the pressure of interpersonal communication, will be a lot of businesses, communities, the test of the transport hub. We can see that the strict temperature screening everywhere, every need to enter a public places after temperature gun brush, infrared temperature measurement terminals, face temperature detection of access control terminals, to enter the temperature returns to normal. At the same time, the identity verification has become the key to grasp human propagation path. Many visitors to the enterprise attendance and catering shops, in addition to measuring temperature also need through identity information registration, convenient trajectory tracking information and activities, timely find the source, and lock the range of close contacts. Sky wave temperature identity check terminal TPS980 support temperature test face recognition, however, if only by the traditional manpower problems inefficient time-consuming registration, but also easy to cause cross infection. Now in many offices and residential area of the entrances and exits, all equipped with brush face temperature measuring access terminal, could be completed without contact infrared temperature test identification verification. Sky-wave face recognition temperature measuring terminal TPS980 support wall and brake machine installation sky-wave brush face temperature entrance guard terminal TPS980 in addition to supporting face recognition, can also matching to identify the NFC card and the second generation id card reads. Brush and sky-wave face temperature measuring installation of access control terminal is more convenient, also supports wireless WIFI, Ethernet, a variety of communication methods, such as bluetooth optional 4 g netcom, can also be used without the net line, can be flexible to install in a different position, also support the wall hanging, vertical desktop, brake machine and so on. Application unit is in a park brake machine brush brush face temperature entrance guard terminal face temperature access terminal can validate user information rapidly and travel without extra paper proof. Brush face temperature entrance guard terminal application in community and office building, or company employees can identify whether the area residents, by face recognition, id recognition or NFC card after identity verification to enter. Add brush face temperature measurement temperature function of access control terminal, can be directly through infrared technology to detect temperature, screening of temperature anomaly, early discovery and the isolation. In addition, brush face temperature entrance guard terminal also can connect the background of intelligent analysis and real-time management, such as a record number of pass in and out of the personnel, travel time, etc. , can even lock personnel suspected of infection by the information fast, working for the community, park, station and other key areas of inward and outward strictly controlled.
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