Small program business solutions, efficient and profitable!

by:Fdata     2020-08-06
For small businesses in all walks of life to provide complete business solutions program, businesses by store surplus easy system fleetly WeChat applet mall, could store management, member management, event marketing, payment transaction, data analysis and other online business, efficient talk, improve operational efficiency. Through member precision marketing, locking more loyal customers, increase the economic value of single guest. ( Member system) Outbreak of WeChat applet mall efficient talk and earnings? 1, labeled, manage customer according to the customer's purchase orders, consumption amount and accumulative integral, set the primary customer, moderate, severe customer label; Also can be set up according to the business management category labels, such as leisure snacks, like puffed food, like spicy food, and so on, according to the customer's purchase preference, for customer labeling; Tag is for the purpose of the late for clients with precise commodity marketing activities, increase the purchase rate. 2, integral commodity consumption integral style diversity, Such as pure, cash and integral, integral deduction) , the businessman formulated according to the actual situation; The choice of integral goods ( Can such as promoting the transformation of the first single, to change the threshold low commodity, highly profitable just need small commodities, high-value goods sell like hot cakes, etc. ) Can be used for new product promotion ( As for integral + 0 yuan experience) To quickly get the market feedback; Can undertake different industry resources cooperation, exchange of traffic resources required to meet different customer groups, and then improve the integral mall exchange rate; Integral mall goods to maintain freshness, and constantly stimulate users to exchange of interest. The combination of 3, stored value + + integral card game; Non-members stored value, can get the membership card, membership rights; , which can be stored value for the amount of stored value higher customer alone or coupon, stimulation to complete the first order online consumption; In view of the amount of stored value, can again give extra points, guide the integral mall convertible. ( Free membership management system)
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