Small supermarket system, with the most power outlets and efficient operation

by:Fdata     2020-05-03
System from birth to now, it is well known that happened many times reforms, among the numerous industry is no longer before the inherent traditional B/S and C/S architecture, but also increased the SaaS system software architecture of the cloud. SaaS architecture system, the cloud without a local server, database, purchasing VPN deployment, only need through the account can use, account in, everything is in, replacement of hardware device does not have any influence, management operation is flexible freedom. So for small supermarket cashier system with most widely, it must be so small and beautiful and cost-effective store cashier software. Such a system software, in the management of the small supermarket stores, give play to the role of function, also is not large business super stores. 1, enters sells saves the management functions on the market, again small shop needs to manage, how much more will the life is a small supermarket stores, the first is the goods needed for daily life need to meet, daily purchasing Treasury sales are integral to the check a, so the use of intelligent cloud supermarket cashier system software, is absolutely worry a lot. Purchase link routing, sales process intensification, inventory management and efficient control, all kinds of data statement analysis view, less leak out. ; 2, data real-time synchronization system, use small supermarket most SaaS cloud because all data is stored in the cloud, commodity information such as files, member of the stores, sales promotion scheme based set all stores can effective use, truly the system cross-platform use more, according to the account login system, Windows, android cashier equipment can be used; 3, offline cashier if stores have unstable network or broken, cashier pressing time can need not worry, to continue the cashier, because cloud cashier system software client support offline cashier 72 hours, does not affect the normal business, network reply after all sales data can be uploaded automatically, very comfortable. Small supermarket cashier system often is such, multi-platform login are not subject to any limitations, efficient function precision tube shop, broken network can be normal operation, small and beautiful cashier management system, can also help stores and efficient operation.
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