Smart and epidemic prevention scenario using these new technologies

by:Fdata     2020-06-15
A 2020, an outbreak of let us off guard. United society, to resist the disease. At present, early detection, early isolation is the key to epidemic prevention and control. Many intelligent technologies such as infrared temperature measurement, unmanned aerial vehicles, large data statistical analysis, such as application, establish efficient epidemic prevention and control for different scene, contributing to the epidemic prevention and control work throughout the country science and technology strength. 1, non-contact temperature measurement + id card recognition scene: airports, railway stations, high-speed entrance and hospitals, as the peak of return and rework, major transport hub as a place for key protection and detection. These scenarios, not only to fast accurate temperature measurement, traffic personnel more linkage identification information, in order to determine the identity of each passenger ( Including quick determine whether people have travelled by infection risk before flight vehicles etc. ) 。 In these scenarios entrance control system, therefore, need to connect with the Ministry of Public Security check, contrast id database, witness comparison. Checked one through a small bundle of personal facial information and id card, the staff have been no contact person, only need to use non-contact temperature measuring gun and a small program id card recognition and witness compared, can rapid temperature test and verifying identity to speed up the access control. 2, non-contact temperature measurement + visiting registration scene: neighborhood, community, park, building, etc. At present, most domestic residential and office buildings are implemented closed-end management, in and out of the personnel must carry on the strict registration. In practice, into the personnel to handwritten registration information, or for registration of the community to provide proof of identity, this requires personnel contact, will no doubt increase the risk of infection. Use sky-wave smart id card check terminal, just before the equipment with id and face captured, can fast face recognition, id card recognition and witness, the whole process without human contact. By the Ministry of Public Security network, check into the personnel have the epidemic area in history, so as to focus on objects. In addition, combined with intelligent system and platform, witness check terminal can automatically collect and statistical data in and out of the village of personnel, increase effective comprehensive prevention and control of epidemic prevention work. 3, non-contact entrance guard scene: office buildings, hotels, hotels, Banks, business hall recently, the guangzhou center for disease control and prevention in individual patients with the door handle in the home found new coronavirus nucleic acid. At that time, in and out of the access to the handle has become a big infection risk. In order to reduce exposure, many companies are using face recognition non-contact access terminal can automatically by the brush face to open the door, such as the sky-wave smart identity check terminal, can rapidly through the facial recognition in the one meter outside quickly check status, and control the door switch, brush face to open the door. No need for manual operation and contact throughout the whole process, block transmission chain of human-to-human transmission. 4, key personnel warning scene: the identification of AI masks under public places with B group mask is the key to prevent infection and spread of pneumonia, but for some of the masses not wearing masks, through intelligent identification terminal and AI technology, can identify not wearing masks personnel and to carry on the prompt, to reduce the possibility of the spread of the virus. From the statistic at present, most cases belong to the imported case. According to the crowd, with wuhan contact crowd for class A, in A public place with A casual contact crowd for class B ( A and B don't know) , contact with A person ( Including family, friends, colleagues, etc. ) For group C. B group of the most difficult locking and confirmation, use of big data and AI technology, face recognition, surveillance video clips can be through a public place, rapid locking B group, to prevent epidemic spreading and spreading. This battle, the humans and the new champions league tournament ongoing outbreak of virus pneumonia. Through technical means, to speed up the efficiency of epidemic prevention and control, alleviate the pressure of the front of epidemic prevention workers.
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