Smart cash register with facial recognition to build new retail clothing!

by:Fdata     2020-05-15
Recently, the clothing retail and a moving news: used to best-selling brand in the field of global jeanswest announced closure of overseas 1300 stores. In the face of uniqlo, H& M such fast fashion brands and the impact of the electric business platform, the clothing brand performance decline and losses. Jeanswest had a glorious moment, more than 2500 stores across the country, is the domestic garment industry leader. Facing the market and the management pattern of the old, it is difficult to a new stage in the face of rapidly changing consumer. A lot of clothing stores in high inventory dilemma, jeanswest in the wave hit, too. Somebody thinks, cannot keep up with the intelligent garment industry to upgrade, let it missed out on a new round of development opportunities. In contrast, many clothing brand started to introduce intelligent means, including smart cash register, online mall, improving clothing store management experience and the consumer experience, firmly established in the new market. Sky wave intelligent double screen cash register TPS660 some clothing store introduction of face recognition device as wisdom infrastructure in the fitting room. Customers brush face in front of the face recognition device, then can analyze the customer's consumer preferences, size, and provides the algorithm recommended and clothing collocation, customers can even in the offline store trying on clothing, on the mobile phone mall collection, after considering buying online. May also directly in the clothing store choose really want to buy clothes, brush directly through face cash register to complete the payment, and through the electronic card and light members to complete the follow-up after-sale link. It have a big benefit for clothing stores. Smart cash register connection data background, you can talk with more accurate analysis of inventory and transfer the goods in different stores, avoid store out of stock, the other store has too much inventory. Second, which has the function of face recognition and brush face payment smart cash registers, membership can be intelligent identification, when you meet the return exchange also can obtain more accurate information, speed up the clothing store return process. Now, pay treasure to pay cash register can even dragonflies brush face pass through membership data background and small procedures, can push coupons and activities regularly, inform customer new promotions, increase after buying rate. For clothing stores, can even by connecting outlets and membership data, complete the online return process. Alipay dragonfly F1 application in food and beverage retail scene in addition to facial recognition, brush face payments, clothing stores also introduce electronic price tag, intelligent means such as large data statistics. Pass through online, improve management efficiency of the clothing store, to optimize customer consumer experience, will help the clothing store industry challenges.
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