Smart hardware + data: how to help furniture store optimization management features and product research and development?

by:Fdata     2020-07-20
In China, the furniture industry is an industry of both opportunities and challenges. From the industry environment, competition with ikea these multinational brands rolling type, from the point of market environment, the furniture industry is an industry consumption frequency is not high. Is different from daily furniture, purchasing cycle is short, the price is low, the decision-making time is short, the furniture industry to buy big-ticket items, so for the customer, purchase decision time is long, use cycle is long, long time goods replaced. Therefore, household industry to another way, create their own advantage. Like electric business platform top lam wood industry, the furniture store the wisdom of their stores, introduced to brush face shopping, AR projection and intelligent cashier collocation, give furniture store black science and technology, new experience. Furniture store using intelligent register, support for face recognition, sweeping brush, face payment, credit card, card and NFC induction, member management, fast accurate to complete the payment and customer management, the most important thing is that in the past through online sales data aggregation, through intelligent cash register can also will be offline store sales data to collect summary and analysis, and according to the market data and user portrait to optimize its operation and product research and development. Five years between target opened 600 furniture sells the home, even in also embrace the new retail stores in operation management and intelligent cashier. Due to the development of furniture design and manufacturing cost is high, they pay more attention to the early stage of the commodity development and market prediction, so speak with data become one of the indicators of their product development. The data come from? Specific to the customer the most acceptable price range, the favorite style, favorite size, like have what function, one of the most popular furniture material set up shop and even the most advantageous location, these data can be from online customers members to collect the sales data accumulation. Furniture store offline advantages better than online, because the big furniture can experience, can touch the product was much more than online images alone, better experience, can also help customers decision to buy more easily, furniture store cash register application scope is bigger. Using intelligent furniture store cash register system, and intelligent can support chain stores of data exchange, convenience of our customers return. Through the intelligent analysis, can also record each customer's preferences, consumption levels and consumption habits, help better transaction. These data also can feedback to product development, to create more suitable for furniture products, customer tastes, reduce the risk of trial and error and the research and development costs.
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